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Questions tagged [hugelkultur]

Hügelkultur is mound constructed from decaying wood debris and other organic material that will be used as a raised bed. Use this tag with questions about how to build, what materials to use or how to maintain Hügelkulturs. For traditional raised beds use the [raised-beds] tag.

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Will a living retaining wall live?

My idea is to grow a living fence for dogs or livestock from cut branches, and use it to shore up a hugelkultur mound south of it. Would this theoretically work? I know you don't want 'air bark' to ...
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Spruce for Hugelkultur?

I have just learned about hugelkultur and can't seem to find out whether or not spruce trees are good to use for these types of raised beds. It's nearly the only type of tree that grows in my area. ...
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