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Sugary-rich insect secretion

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Removing hawthorn sap from cars

This came up in conversation yesterday at dinner, so I don't have specific details. It seems in our area at least one of the hawthorns dip sap (probably more specifically honeydew) onto cars. Folks ...
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What are these sticky droplets and pests on my persimmon trees?

Some of my persimmon leaves have tiny sticky droplets at the back of some of their leaves. It is late spring here in Japan and leaves are green. Droplets show up on small leaves with pinkish colors ...
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Oil/sap from the trees

So we moved to a new home last week. There are two different trees, one in the backyard, one in the front. However, both trees have some oil or sap like things on the leaves, and what's worse, wind ...
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What is the disease that affects my plants?

I'm in Brisbane (Australia) and I water my plants on regular basis. Unfortunately, recently I noticed that something is destroying them and I wondering if you could help identify what that is.