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Deciduous tree, Gleditsia triacanthos.

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What will happen if I trim a honeylocust in the spring?

Every website advises that I trim a honeylocust in the fall after the leaves have fallen, or in the spring before the sap starts to rise. However, my young honeylocust (established for 3 years, 15 ...
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Anti-fungal after pruning a honey locust?

I recently had two companies give me quotes on pruning the deadwood from my large honey locust tree. Company A was marketing itself as stronger in tree health, and they boasted spraying anti-fungal ...
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Why is our Honey Locust tree shedding leaves and other parts? [closed]

Our honey locust is about 30 years old, 30-40 ft high. This year it is constantly dropping "debris" onto our deck, including leaves, not yet formed leaves, pollen pods (?). We clean it up and the ...
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What should we do with a 7-8 year old honey locust tree that has been damaged by disease?

2009 diseased honey locust: June of 2016 full view: We have a honey locust that developed a disease within it's first year and an arborist saw it. He told me it is what they call herpes for trees....
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Why are my honey-locust tree leaves turning yellow in mid-summer?

As hot as it's been I've been worried that the tree was not getting enough water, and it seems with increasing the water amount the leaves have turned even more yellow. How can I tell if I am over- ...
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How should young honey locust trees be pruned?

I have four young (2-3 yrs) Honey Locust trees which seem to be doing very well this year. By that, I mean they've shown lots of growth and the leaves are very green and healthy. The trunks of these ...
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