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Questions tagged [herbs]

For questions about herbs - plants typically used for flavor. For questions about specific herbs use this tag along with the appropriate herb tag like [basil], [mint], [rosemary] and more.

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What disease is affecting this rosemary?

My rosemary has been looking like this since last summer. It's currently getting worse. New leafs (if it develops any) soon have these white little spots on it. What disease is this? Maybe false ...
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Why did my cilantro leaves get white and patchy?

I grow my cilantro on my kitchen counter with a grow light above. My cilantro starts out looking lush and green but quickly some leaves start getting white patches. It doesn't seem to kill my plant ...
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Herbal Plant identification

This plant is growing in what is supposed to be a herb garden. Can someone help me identify it? Southeaster PA, USA End of April Update: Beginning of June
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Another poorly bay tree

I don't believe any of the previous sick bay tree questions have shown the same symptoms: large brown patches on some leaves. It's one of two standard bays I've got by the front door, both in pots ...
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Help to identify this weed? Growing in outside veggie pot, used to be strawberry plant. Smells like mint

Just need help to identify this. Is it a weed or? It is growing in a pot that I had a strawberry plant in last summer and it has a minty smell to it.
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Phenominal Lavender is dying, really need help

I am not really sure what is happening with my Phenomenal Lavender. Bought this from Home Depot and I was told it was a transplant shock but a month later, it is getting worse. Leaves are turning grey/...
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What is wrong with my parsley? (in flowerpot, leaves dying - first dots then entire ones)

Plant is indoor, but in place with a lot of light, Eastern exposure with buildings blocking only small part of it (maybe too much of it?). Windows are covered by something that supposedly is UV screen....
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What's wrong with my arugula - yellow/pink leaves

I planted my arugula roughly 6 weeks ago and the small plants were growing very nice and fast. During the last weeks, however, their leaves turned yellow/pink with white spots (maybe mold?) on them. ...
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Black/Brown Basil

After noticing a few Japanese beetles on my basil plants, I used the recommended dish soap and water solution and sprayed the plants. All 3 of them turned black or brown within a day or so. I cut ...
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My Basil plant is not happy on my windowsill

So recently, I bought a basil plant for a recipe. I placed it on my windowsill in the sunlight as expected. Watered it like instructed. It wilted. 😑 So I moved it to my sink and now its thriving. I ...
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Can Tarragon, Cinnamon basil, Rosemary, Spring onion, Chives and Parsley, be grown together?

I have a small planter that I wish to fill with different herb plants for cooking purposes. The plants I am looking to purchase are Tarragon, Cinnamon basil, Rosemary, Spring onion, Chives and Parsley....
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Sweetness of raw stevia leaves?

This may sound like a no-brainer to those who have stevia plants, but here goes. My question is, can I rub the leaves of a mature stevia plant with my fingers and then taste intense sweetness on my ...
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Does my basil have fusarium wilt?

my basil has browning leaves and a dark stem and Im worried it has fusarium wilt! I only bottom water it every time it droops and keep it beside a semi sunny windowsill. It does live in a not so well ...
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What can I do to make my mint more minty and way less bitter?

My mint just came back up and is already coarse and bitter. How can I make it less so?
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What are uses for lemongrass seeds

We have a huge lemongrass bush that went to seed. Before triming and harvesting the leaves and stalks I cut off and bagged all of the seeds. Now i have a couple pounds of seeds. I find nothing ...
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How to prevent rotting of Holy Basil when propagating with water?

So I'm propagating Holy Basil from cuttings. I take a nodal area cut and prune the leaves except for the top ones and dip them in water for about a week or two. The top leaves do not touch the water. ...
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Optimal hydroponic nutrient solutions for different herbs

I'm planning to grow different herbs hydroponically: basil, sage, mint and thyme. I would like for the nutrient solutions for each herb to be the closest possible to the optimum. For basil I found ...
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Help! Tiny black eggs on thyme stem

I wonder if gardening gurus here can help? The thyme plant I bought from the garden centre has tiny little black dots all along the stems, though the leaves all look untouched and the plant seems ...
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I'm trying to identify this herb

I've tried other websites and there's no exact lookalike plant. There're countless plants that look similar but I've never seen leaves that look exactly the same. The stem is fuzzy and square like the ...
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Help identifying species of vegetable garden pest

I am having trouble determining what type of pest has invaded my vegetable garden. It has started with the bok choy and is working its way toward the peppers and herbs. Please advise.
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Does Tagetes Filifolia transplant well into an indoor window box for the winter?

I have 4 Tagetes Filifolia plants from my community garden, and it smells pleasant enough to keep indoors for a Minnesota winter. Will it transplant well, since it's not likely going to flower before ...
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Rosemary plant yellowing - any hope?

My rosemary plant has gone very yellow and brittle. There are a few green leaves left but not many. Is there any hope?
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Why is my lemon verbena growing flat?

My container-planted lemon verbena is growing nicely and providing a lot of green leaves, however, it keeps growing very flat instead of tall, to the point that the branches often touch the ground. Is ...
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Saving My Large Basil Plant - Help?

I have a seven-year-old basil plant which is about 5 feet tall. I accidentally burned all the leaves spraying with the wrong spray bottle. Although the tree was doing well after all the leaves dropped,...
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Can I convert a root cellar into a small greenhouse?

We barely use our root cellar at the moment and are in the midst of constructing garden beds and planters for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We don’t really have a great space indoor for growing ...
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