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Use this tag with questions about the effects of high [temperatures] on plants, pots, containers or landscape elements.

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How to handle wind issues on terrace garden

I have planted some seeds on the pot and kept that on the terrace. But there's too much wind during the evening time. I'm not sure how the plants can sustain the wind. Besides my terrace floor is made ...
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Is this tree basically dead now?

A tree that I walk past on my daily commute has acquired numerous deep cracks in its Trunk and primary branches, in the last few days, over the course of an extreme (for UK) heatwave and drought. Is ...
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What are some heat-tolerant plants you can grow in outdoor hydroponics?

I live in Houston. I just built an outdoor hydroponics setup. I've tried growing basil in it, but I think it's too hot for that. I'm going to try tomatoes now, but I hear they're not very heat-...
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How to supply heat to indoor growing setup

I'm starting an indoor garden, b/c I live where its constantly cold, and snow/freeze danger doesn't go away until late May. I have purchased a plant sprouting system, as well as a heat mat, some ...
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Cure sweet potatoes - sprout during cure process + white coating

Variety: All Purple. To cure I managed to build a heat incubator. I made it as an expanded polystyrene box, I put electric heat tape inside to maintain temperature. Washed, wet tubers have been packed ...
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Compost won't heat up

I bought a composting bin with thermal-insulated walls, mainly for composting kitchen waste: However, according to its thermometer, the temperature never rises over ~20 celsius. Youtube videos say ...
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Can I reuse utensils after sterilising potting soil after cleaning it?

For sterilising cocopeat/garden soil/potting mixes, I am thinking of using a big vessel from the kitchen on a stove with water. My question is, will this vessel be usable for cooking if I clean it ...
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What is the difference between the VIVOSUN and VIVOHOME seedling heat mats?

Here are links to the VIVOSUN and VIVOHOME. They look the same?
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Bay Leaf heat tolerance

Can a bay leaf tree tolerate high heat? We want to plant one in a west facing planter backed by a tall brick wall. It rarely gets below freezing but summer temps can approach 120 °F. Will the tree ...
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Will potted plants suffer over a radiator?

I've got a few water-circulating wall radiators that are mostly useless space, and I'd like to put some shelving over them and use the surfaces for houseplants, but I'm concerned that the elevated ...
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How large can areca palm grow?

I've been researching to buy plants for my rooftop. We live in the Caribbean, so the plants will receive at least 6 hours of direct sun. The heat is also unbearable. With that said, I saw an ad where ...
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Would a Jean Pain heater work well for heating in a USDA Zone 4A?

I'm considering digging a 300' (distance to the compost pile) trench 2 ways to heat constantly on a closed system as it's cheaper/easier to get a pile of wood chips than split wood. Would a wood chip ...
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How warm should soil be for propagation of hardwood black currant cuttings?

I have hardwood cutting from a couple of black currant bushes collected this winter. Many have been planted in small pots as I'm getting them started indoors on a warming mat. The warming mat is ...
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Is it normal that heat mats for plants do *not* have 3-prong, grounded plugs? [closed]

I'm searching for some 2-4ft long 1-2ft wide heat mats to start plant seeds and cuttings on. In shopping around on Amazon I see that most (or all so far) heat mats have polarized 2-prong plugs. ...
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Huge tomato plants, but fruits stalled

I have a bunch of tomatoes I planted (black krim, cherokee purple, some beefsteak) which are now pretty huge (at least 10 feet tall). They have tons of flowers which appear to set: the flower portion ...
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How do I keep my indoor plants warm without spending any money

So I have three totes with little rows of lettuce/Swiss chard/salad mix in each one. They're only about a week and a half old, so they're still fragile but have cotyledon and are working on the first ...
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Why is one fernbush thriving and one not?

I bought two Chamaebatiaria millefolium (Fernbush) online. Live in zone 9. plants are in south facing backyard 6-10 hrs sun. I followed the instructions and water both semi-daily, planted in sandy ...
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What are some heat tolerant nutritious greens I could plant for a tortoise?

I've recently posted a question about raising a few leafy greens, and turns out quite a few favor cold temperatures and will turn sour (bolt?) when exposed to heat. Our temperatures here should vary ...
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What are the most effective ways to maximize solar radiation?

How can I maximize solar radiation for sun lovers? For example, in central Germany, you'll have some summers that won't have a lot of sun and/or heat, yet you want big peppers and good grapes.
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Is there a plant which can withstand heat up to 40 degrees Celsius?

There are many plants recommended over the internet as heat tolerant plants. I am not sure how much heat they are talking about. My Habanero Chili peppers are in bad shape due to the heat wave ...
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What kind of plants will survive the heat from an air conditioner?

I live on the 18th floor of a building in Hong Kong. In summer, all of my neighbors turn on their air conditioners, which generate a huge amount of heat. I have a little balcony like gardening area ...
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