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Questions tagged [hanging-plant]

Plants which like hanging downwards, but not creepers and climbers.

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What is the problem with my hanging basket? Am I overwatering or is it underwater

I planted this hanging basket almost 2 weeks ago and it already looks like this. I’m not the best with planting flowers but I always do great with ferns. Everyone has always told me that I never water ...
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2 answers

Identify the succulent

This succulent was presented to me. The person who presented it to me just gave 2/3 strings of the plant and asked me to plant it in a hanging pot. Its leaves are slightly reddish on the backside. ...
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How can I be sure chains are suitable for hanging baskets?

I have moved into a new home, a fourth floor apartment (third floor in British/European English). There are two chains are hanging from the ceiling of a veranda (covered balcony) area. The chains are ...
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Wounded rhipsalis hanging cacti

I need advice caring for my hanging cacti. I think it's rhipsalis lepismium bolivianum? It's started to develop black patches along its limbs. Also some weird spots. And some white muck gathering, ...
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Why did my pot plant became lazy?

I have this plant grown from seed (sown last day of April), it was doing fine until today. This morning I saw it was leaning over a bit, and in the evening it has completely lie down. What causes this ...
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Replanting from a hanging planter

I have a large pot that sits on top of a pillar, so I wanted to buy some flowers that would hang over the edges of it. We ended up buying a hanging arrangement of calibrachoa. Now I'm wondering if I'm ...
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2 answers

What is this hanging plant?

The leaves of this plant are bit thick & filled as of any succulent plant. I have not seen any flower from 6 months, maybe it don't bloom. It likes hanging. Here are its picture: Full View: ...
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