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Common name for cultivars of Capsicum chinensis, a very hot chili pepper, family Solanaceae.

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Tips for transplanting these habaneros

Longtime pepper lover but first time grower. I was gifted four habanero plants and I am wondering if it’s close to time to transplant them and I am wondering if anyone has tips for this. I have ...
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Habanero leaves browning and dropping

I have had the pepper in question for over a year now, it was growing really well, flowered and started ripening fruits, however now it seems to be dropping all of the leaves. They first turn soft and ...
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Is this red habanero plant overwatered and how should I save it?

So I'm quite a newbie in gardening but I decided to plant a couple chilli plants for the summer because I was very interested. This red habanero was planted about a week ago and been on slow decline....
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Habanero pepper sunburned?

So it's my first time growing a Pepper and what i noticed is that one fruit started getting little bit dark on one side and then almost all other fruits also got dark. Now i am thinking that is ...
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When to harvest chilis? What happens if I don't? How can I store them?

My last chili experiment was some 5 years ago, when the dried results started to use up. So I went to buy 2 chili plants (habanero & jalapeno, both F1 hybrids) this European spring - and the ...
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What kind of pepper is this and when will it be "ripe"?

What kind of pepper is this and when will it be "ripe"? The peppers are a bit larger than a cherry tomato (maybe apricot size). UPDATE: The peppers turn red after they ripen.
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How can I speed up germination of habanero chili pepper?

I planted some habanero seeds a week ago. Most of the websites said it need 2 weeks to 3 weeks to germinate. What is the best condition for its germination? I am in Hong Kong and having a 29 degree ...
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How do I grow chilis in limited light?

I have been growing a few varieties of chili pepper (incl. Scotch Bonnets) in my garden since April (Spring). Due to trees, other houses, etc., they only get about 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. ...
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