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Any advice for my grass problem?

I’ve got a little issue in my backyard with growing some grass. For starters, the yard is in a very sun exposed spot. I’m located in CT, USA. Last year I believe I had grubs in the yard which ate away ...
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Can mulch/gravel protect soil against cockchafer?

Last year I had a big problem with cockchafer (or some other bug, maybe Japanese beetle) grubs in my potted plants. I wonder if covering the soil with mulch or gravel can prevent bugs from getting ...
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How can I get rid of my grub problem?

I have lots of yellow/brown spots on my lawn, and I think they are caused by grubs. I would like to know: How can I confirm that grubs are, in fact, the problem? What products are available to combat ...
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What kind of Larvae is this?

I have discovered a lot of these larvae in the soil in a large plant pot after removing a woody plant that had recently died. I’ve also found a few in other plant pots in the garden. Does anyone know ...
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Are grubs helpful in decomposition?

I have a small decomposition box made out of improvised plastic machine oil tubs. I have been adding kitchen wastes to it for the past couple weeks along with dry leaves. Recently I added okara to it ...
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Treat Grubs this late in fall? (Maryland)

I've read conflicting things about whether you should apply Grub control products in Fall. It's likely insecticide companies trying to sell more insecticide. I'm sure the spring is a better time to ...
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When is the best time to apply GrubX and Weed&Feed?

I live in New England, USA. I had grubs two years ago that damaged about 10% of the lawn. It has been rainy here the past 30 days. When should I apply GrubX? I have lots of moss in some areas and ...
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Anyone know what these white grubs are?

I have found loads of them in the soil in the large planter I have herbs in
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Is this lawn fungus?

I'm having trouble with my lawn. I know the picture is hard to see, but in the circles are yellow-ish grass. This was green two weeks ago. Close up it looks like yellow dead grass. A month ago I ...
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Does over-watering drown grubs?

I've been having a white grub (< 1 cm in size) issue with the root system of a fruit tree. Is it possible, in an arid climate, to drown the grubs by watering the tree more?
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What is this giant grub looking thing?

I found this giant grub (at least I think it's a grub) while fixing up the mulch around one of my trees. This thing is huge. It's thicker and as long as my finger. Only has six legs. Anyone know ...
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How do I fix dead white patches in my lawn?

I'm in the process of trying to repair this lawn and I'm looking for advice on how best to go about it. As you can see from the attached I have a lot of white patches, a problem with dandelions and I'...
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Found some grubs in my sunflower pot, fight them or let them stay?

Simple one. I removed my sunflowers from the pot today as they were showing a rust leaf problem and not doing great. They did flower and got pretty tall but then just went sick and I tried the ...
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