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What light cycle should I use to grow herbs indoors?

I would like to have a small container herb garden indoors this winter, but I want to make sure my herbs do not try to flower. Currently, it's a couple of different basil plants and some rosemary, ...
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Can a dwarf fruit tree grow well with just morning sun?

I ordered a dwarf "Garden Prince" almond tree and a dwarf "Fuji" apple tree and I want to keep them in a container on my balcony. The balcony gets great sun in the morning, especially in the summer. I ...
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Why isn't my lemon tree growing?

We planted a lemon tree five and a half years ago. Today it's about the exact same size as ever. I've tried using citrus fertilizer, but to no avail. We've had dry summers and wet summers, but ...
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Why are my basil seedlings failing to thrive?

I have grown basil from seeds in a large pot. They have germinated but are now failing to thrive. They are now about 3 weeks old. They get the afternoon sun and are watered daily. I applied Seasol a ...
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Why does my sweet potato have stunted growth with wide, flattened stems and dense leaves?

My sweet potato plant has a severely widened and flattened stem and grows like a band, with dense leaves and stunted growth. What is wrong with it?
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Should I separate and transplant basil seedlings?

I have begun to grow basil for the first time. Basically all I did was open a packet of seeds and throw them into a flower pot that’s about 20cm wide/round. The seeds have germinated and have started ...
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Why has my mint plant gone all woody/sparse/stringy?

I grew my mint plant in a pot to contain the roots, and that has worked well for 3-4 months. However, the plant is not really producing fresh leaves now. Is there anything I can do?
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What is the effect of streetlights on plants?

This may be totally off the wall, but the sunflowers growing around my garden are bigger the nearer they are to the street light. I've seen documentaries with marijuana labs in California where they ...
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What are the odds of getting a shea tree to grow in South Carolina, USA?

What are the odds of getting a Shea Tree to grow in South Carolina, USA? Temperatures here in SC range from mid 30s (occasionally around 40) Centigrade in the summer to -10 at the coldest days of the ...
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Will my lupines grow back next year if I cut them to the ground?

Our lupines (also called lupin in the UK) were done flowering for the year and were harboring an aphid infestation, so I mowed them. Are the "stumps" likely to regrow next year or do the plants rely ...
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How can I keep a jade plant (Crassula ovata) from growing, and keep it healthy?

I have a lovely jade plant (Crassula Ovata) growing in the bathroom, but it keeps outgrowing pots and needing to be repotted. I have tried moving it further from the sun and watering it less to try ...
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Why is my phalaenopsis' keiki (orchid) not thriving?

About five years ago, I bought a fully grown and blooming Phalaenopsis orchid. After a month or so, the blooms fell off as expected. I continued to care for it as directed, but it never flowered again....
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Is it possible to indefinitely limit the growth of trees, hedges, and shrubs?

Now that I've lived in my very nicely landscaped first home for over 10 years, I have several "overgrown" trees, hedges, and shrubs (mostly, but not all evergreens) in my landscaping, and at this ...
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Why don't my radishes swell up?

When I grow radishes, I find that some of them don't swell up to form the globe I expect; instead the root stays thin. These are planted in the same bed and at the same time as radishes that do swell....
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How much should blackberries grow in their first year?

I planted 15 small (6" tall) blackberry plants from pots (9 Triple Crown Thornless and 6 Prime-Jim) in late April in southwestern Pennsylvania (USDA zone 5). All of the plants look very healthy in ...
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Best help for a tree with stunted growth?

I have a few trees on my property which are at least five years old (sorry I don't know the kinds yet). Compared to other trees in neighboring lots, planted at the same age at the same time, they are ...
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