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Grasses (graminoids) are plants with narrow leaves growing from the base.

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Which NPK range are lawn starter fertiliser?

When watching videos on YouTube they talk about lawn starter fertilisers, where it is important to use such when seeding, so the new seeds doesn't burn. But what NPK range are considered to be lawn ...
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turf problems and turf recovery

I live in portugal, and after Summer holidays I found the lawn infested with the grass in the photo. the lawn have a lot of sunny, watered during the night, and the terrain is sandy. I have about 50% ...
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How many inches of dirt depth required to grow grass?

I want to grow a container of grass on my balcony for my dog. How many inches of depth of soil is typically required to grow healthy grass? Length and width of the container I’ll determine at a later ...
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Light green grass patches

I am trying to figure out what these light patches of grass in my lawn are and how to get rid of them? And prevent them? First two picture were taken last summer. The close up picture of the grass ...
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Can I lay geotextile sheeting beneath new grass?

We have an area of ground that was a thick mix of overgrown weeds and plants. We would like to turf this area. We have turned over the soil and taken out some of the roots but there are still a lot of ...
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Can I recover my lawn from fertilizer burn?

I was hoping to improve my lawn. I used Scott's Weed & Feed with a little GrubX in hopes of killing weeds and improving the look of my lawn. (Fig A) I didn't think I over did it, but obviously ...
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What permanent grasses should I look into?

I'm looking for a drought tolerant fast growing grass mix that will work well with chickens in USDA zone 4A. What should I mix together for USDA zone 4a for feeding my chickens for planting it once?
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What are the spikey patches of grass on my lawn?

I have moved into a new build house and the lawn already has "spikey grass" parts consistently over the lawn. Around 60 patches in an area of 50 sq metres. In places, around 1 inch taller ...
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