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Questions tagged [grapefruit]

Grapefruit bearing subtropical trees, "Citrus"x"paradisi" varieties and cultivars, and Grapefruits.

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How long to see results in citrus tree after soil remediation?

I recently discovered that a nutrient imbalance might be contributing to a grapefruit tree having fruit with thick rinds and no fruit/pulp. Here's the explanation I'm working from. If I add bone meal ...
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Will my grapefruit tree ever produce fruit after a freeze?

My grapefruit tree froze during cold weather in South Georgia. The tree was only a few years old. The tree looked dead, and eventually snapped off from it's roots easily at ground level. Some sprouts ...
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How to deal with grapefruit holes

I've read that holes in grapefruits can be caused by birds or pack rats. However, my tree does not have the extent to be reachable by pack rats, and the holes do not look like bird holes. The tree ...
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How do I care for grapefruit seedlings?

I got two tiny grapefruit seedlings for free and I don't know how to care for them. They are in very small pots and all the care they are getting is watering. They are 2" tall. I don't live in the ...
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