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Small round fruit that grows on the deciduous shrub of the same name. Genus Ribes.

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Why doesn’t my gooseberry set fruit?

I have many gooseberries and currants plus some jostaberries that we just put in this year. Mostly, once they got established, they’ve fruited well. With one exception. We have one gooseberry that has ...
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Growing fruit at a higher hardiness zone

I understand that growing fruit trees in a hardiness zone that's lower than recommended has a chance of your tree dying from frost damage. However, what is the effect of growing fruit trees at ...
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Growing Cape Gooseberries in Brisbane, Australia

For entirely irrational reasons (maybe because gooseberries hard to get here), I bought a Cape gooseberry seedling today. Where I live in Brisbane, however, is not your typical cool climate for ...
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Are volunteer gooseberry bushes worth saving?

I bought an Oregon Champion gooseberry bush last year. I was weeding near it just now and found several volunteer gooseberry plants in a clump a few feet from the parent bush, like they grew from a ...
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What is a good method for transplanting an established gooseberry bush?

My fiancee is moving in with me, and would like to bring her gooseberry bush along, since it makes excellent jam, and the melomel (mead) that we made with the gooseberries appears to be promising as ...
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Why aren't my gooseberries thriving?

I bought some gooseberries and planted them in some self-watering containers. They did well for a few weeks but now one has lost all of its leaves and the other is losing some leaves, while other ...
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