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Questions tagged [gardenias]

Genus of flowering plants in the coffee family (Rubiceae).

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What's wrong with these Foolproof Gardenias?

I have 5 foolproof gardenias that are growing in Florida and look very dull and dry with some brown tips on the leaves. I thought they needed water. I've watered more but they are just looking worse ...
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1 answer

Sick Gardenia - Can It Be Treated?

I have two gardenia plants that have done well in the garden for many years. I recently noticed many yellowing and browning leaves. Upon inspection, it appears that some of the gardenia buds had ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What's wrong with my gardenia?

I have 4 gardenias and 3 different issues, that im trying to identify. Please help, any feedback or how to bring back the health of the plant is greatly appreciated. I live in central florida and ...
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Why is my gardenia covered with flies, ants, and other insects? [closed]

Why are insects of all kinds covering my gardenia?
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How Far Back To Prune Frost-Damaged Gardenias?

I have 4 formerly great-looking gardenia bushes in my yard, but this past winter has been brutal on them (I live in the DC area, where it was still snowing as of yesterday). The plants are still alive,...
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Soil insects in potted gardenia

I was given a gardenia in a pot as a parting gift from a fellow house-sharer a few years ago. I keep it as a houseplant on a bedroom windowsill. It's looked increasingly sickly since then, but it's ...
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4 answers

Ants and white/gray/brown spores all over my gardenia

I planted my gardenia four or five months ago. I noticed, recently, that (a) growth has stunted, and (b) there are ants all over the plant (base, leaves, etc.). There are also white little dots (...
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How should budding off be prevented on Gardenias?

How can budding off be stopped on a mature Gardenia? The plant is healthy in all other ways, but the buds always fall off before opening. What is causing this?
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What are the red berry-like structures at the base of my gardenia's flowers?

My gardenia has a multitude of red, berry-like structures at what would have been the base of the flower. Given it is now November in South Carolina, what are they and will they produce a new plant?
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Why do my gardenias turn yellow before they bloom?

My gardenias seem to be happy all year around, but when they bloom, they turn half yellow. Is there a way to keep them green through the bloom phase?
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