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For questions about a plant that is dropping its fruit, usually prematurely when they are still unripe.

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Advice for taking care of trees in garden

The house we have bought has a number of trees in the garden and I'm looking for advice for basically how to take care of them. How often and how much to water them and any other particular tips and ...
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Luffa (sponge plant) fruit dies after the polination

I have a sponge plant (Luffa cylindrica) growing in my garden, four or five months old. It looks fine and quite healthy and a month ago has begun to make flowers. Each flower stays open for about a ...
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Fruiting my Mango Tree indoors

I have a small mango tree from seed that produces wonderful white flowers. I was wondering if and how I could get some mangofruit from the tree. I live in the Netherlands and the potted mango tree ...
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How to reduce plum harvest?

Is there a time-efficient (possibly chemical) way to reduce the number of plums generated during one season - while keeping the tree healthy? The intent is to keep the tree as a source of shadows, ...
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Handling a Cherimoya Tree

Does anyone have any experience with Cherimoya Trees??? We have one in our backyard. Last year, it produced some decent size fruit. This year, it seems like there are more fruits sprouting, and the ...
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Plum tree set fruit but now it's all gone

My plum tree - 4 years old but pruned incorrectly in 2nd year so was hoping for fruit this year - blossomed beautifully and tiny green fruits appeared. Now a few weeks later I can't see any fruit on ...
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What to do with fallen fruit?

I have lots of fruit trees, some of them fairly old, and some of them just drop significant number of fruit. some of them prematurely, some of them naturally. Anyway, most of them are not for human ...
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Why isn't my pomegranate tree bearing fruit?

I have a good size pomegranate tree I planted in the ground about 6 years ago. The plant is healthy and bears flowers and tiny fruit which quickly fall off rather than developing into a good size ...
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Why is fruit dropping from my apricot tree? [duplicate]

Our apricot tree is about 15 years old. The tree bears flowers and then fruits, but as the time passes all the fruit drops from the tree.
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Tomato virus attack

My tomatoes seem to have a virus causing leaves to die and stems to turn dark brown and some tomatoes blackish but I still have tomatoes on the higher branches that look unaffected at the moment. ...
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Problem with my Meyer's lemon tree

I have a Meyer's lemon tree that is several years old and this year it has flowered, I pollinated because we don't have many bees, the fruit has set but I am finding that quite a few of the baby ...
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Caring for my pomegranate tree

I have a pomegranate tree that I planted 4 years ago. The tree is heathy but the fruit production is not great. The flowers fall off before developing into fruit or soon after. The fruits crack open ...
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Fig fruit fell off before ripe

I've gotten 3 fig trees and I had a question. I have a Celeste that's planted in the ground, a Brown Turkey that's in a pot, and a Kadota that I received yesterday that's bare root. I'm in SC clay ...
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How can I stop my Ficus from dropping small pea-sized fruit?

My 30 year old, 20 foot tall outdoor Ficus drops fruit or seeds (pea size tan nut-like balls) in the summer. Is there any way to stop the production of these messy balls?
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