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Questions tagged [frost]

Covering of ice caused by locally sub-freezing temperatures.

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Any way to save peppers after super early frost?

We just had an early September snow (two nights below freezing) here in Colorado. I did get some cover over my beds to keep the snow off the plants, but it was much to big to really work as a ...
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Can this open water reservoir be damaged from the ice building inside it?

This circular concrete structure in the garden may have been a well before but now the bottom is closed and a water pipe leads to it. It is roughly a meter deep, 1.3m diameter, 50cm above surface and ...
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What is the 90% confidence last hail date for Denver, Colorado?

There have been large hailstones in the city of Denver, Colorado every Spring of each year for more than 30 years. My father and I always used the last frost date to decide when to plant my tomatos, ...
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Can regular plastic bags (Type 4) be used to retain warmth for outdoor plants during winter / plastic bag Greenhouse?

I have been moving my plants outside during the day and inside at night. I'm going to be away for a few days, and I need the plants to get sunlight (although it has been cloudy and raining lately). I ...
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Problems with my Pieris shrub - has it been frostbitten?

have two pieris shrubs which were looking lovely. Suddenly noticed the new foliage is brown and shrivelled. Is this frost damage, and how should I treat them?
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Saving frostbite tomato plants

Late frost covered but not s they can be saved
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