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Black foliage turning green?

I bought a beautiful dahlia with black foliage, but it has turned green. I am in Seattle, the summer has turned the fall, and the plant is in full sun. It is blooming and looks very healthy. What ...
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Problem with rhododendron foliage

The rhododendron pictured below used to live in Vancouver BC, zone 8ish, and was cut back and moved a few years ago to the northern end of the British Columbia coast, about 30 miles south of the ...
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Why hasn't my mulberry tree grown any leaves yet? It was bare root stock 8ft tall and is still alive after planting at end of April Zone 6

The trunk had swollen nodes that looked like leaves were going to come but never did. I did a scrape and there is still green under layer. What can I do to ensure success?
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Is this a disease?

I have planted a curry leaf sapling taken from a local nursery in a 10 inch pot in fresh store bought potting mix (cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite, sand, rice husk, vermicompost, neem extract). I put ...
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