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Saving My Large Basil Plant - Help?

I have a seven-year-old basil plant which is about 5 feet tall. I accidentally burned all the leaves spraying with the wrong spray bottle. Although the tree was doing well after all the leaves dropped,...
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Should I prune my Crassula rogersii?

I have what I think is a little Crassula rogersii that's been growing out in three branches from a little trunk. The branch in the middle seems to be getting somewhat top-heavy (you can see how this ...
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What is wrong with this Jade Plant? (Yellowing Leaves, Spots, White powder)

I own a jade plant which has been having some trouble recently. Before I start I will tell you that I water the plant once a week or sometimes even every other day if the soil is dry. The plant sits ...
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Shall I remove broken or partly dead leaves of a Kalanchoe?

I have two Kalanchoes. The first one of them did not bloom, and some leaves I think are starting to die. Is there anything I can do to help it bloom? Shall I remove the dying leaves? The second one ...
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Is this yellowing normal for a kalanchoe plant?

This is the only yellow leaf and the plant is even sprouting out 4 new shoots. I keep the soil moist and let it dry then water again. I don't keep it in direct light. It's in a breeze way that's ...
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What is this branching, brown-stemmed and fleshy-leafed plant?

Please help me identify this one. I’ve got no idea where it comes from. Even the specialists at FlowerChecker couldn’t help me. All I know is that it’s quite robust (i.e. undemanding) and is able to ...
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