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A variety of grass popular in lawns.

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4 answers

Should I be concerned about mushrooms in my lawn?

I have an array of several different types of mushrooms popping up in my fescue. There are not enormous areas covered, the largest collection is about an 8-10 inch circle. The rest are small groups ...
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How to keep fescue grass from taking over my rye grass?

I live in Connecticut, hardiness zone 6a. Last Summer, fescue grass took over a large swath of the sunniest part of my rye grass lawn when it was very dry. Most of it died over the Winter and we ...
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9 votes
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How can I maintain a permanent shade lawn?

My Fescue Grass does fine here in my shady South Carolina yard. However, it needs to be re-seeded every year or it gets bare patches. Are there any alternatives that do not involve buying more seed ...
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How high should I cut fescue grass?

The fescue grass in my yard is not doing well. I suspect that I may be cutting it too short--especially in the summer heat. I have cut it to a length of three inches for several years now. How tall ...
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Can You Identify This Grass?

Can anyone identify this grass or weed that has sprouted up in my healthy fescure? Please see picture. I have a pretty good tall fescue lawn that I have been working on getting out the crabgrass and ...
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How do I separate two lawns?

I live in the Seattle area. My neighbor has a very nice lawn -- it's unnaturally green, other-worldly thick, and chemical-dependent. I'm going to overseed my lawn with a nice mix of microclover, rye ...
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Why is my fescue wilting?

I have replanted my entire front yard lawn with fescue grass. I scraped off all the existing grass and all weeds. Then place a pervious mat to reduce new weeds from coming through. On top of this mat ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What kind of seed is most suitable for my lawn?

I am trying to figure out what seed is best for my lawn. I need to over seed - really, really bad. And I am unsure what the majority type of grass I have I believe it is Fescue and Centipede (A lot ...
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What are the bright green patches in my Fescue grass?

I've started to notice more bright green patches in my lawn as we move towards spring. How do I eliminate the patches? Also, the border of my lawn continues to die. Could this be caused by an ...
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How to kill weeds (see picture) without killing tall fescue grass

Does anyone know what the weeds are called below? In addition, does anyone know how to remove them without killing the tall fescue grass? There is a lot of land so picking the weeds is not a realistic ...
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0 answers

What grass or weed is this?

I had to reseed my lawn after a room addition. I let the weeds germinatr for months and killed everything with Roundup. I then laid down premium seed but I am wondering if there was a bunch of fescue ...
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Mushrooms in the back yard

I live in Charlotte,NC. New home owner and been mowing our fescue grass for last 3-4 months. We had some rain and I noticed few mushrooms in our yard couple of weeks. I just mowed over it and last I ...
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What is this? Not: crabgrass, fescue clumps, quackgrass? Course and bright yellow?

I'm stumped on this one ... as I've tried to compare growing patterns with the forum and it doesn't quite fit the crabgrass. quackgrass or fescue clump category as it's not really concentrated in one ...
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Should I keep my dogs off my lawn after overseeding?

I have a patchy lawn that I’m overseeding with a mix of tall fescue and micro clover. Should I keep my dogs off the lawn? If so, for how long? Should I worry about letting the grass reach a certain ...
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SC Red Clay New lawn

We have a new house that fescue sod was put down in the front. We live in a clay area in SC and looking to finish the back yard and sides. What would be the best grass to use and when to seed. We are ...
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How can I remove the aggressive weeds growing in my fescue?

I have a fescue lawn that is about 1.5 acres (hand picking weeds is not an option). As spring began, these weeds (see pictures below) have started growing in the fescue. My guess is that the tall thin ...
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