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How tall and how dense can an electric Reel Mower with a max speed of 1500rpm and torque of 4.2 Nm cut?

What happens if you use an electric reel mower with an RPM of 1500 rpm and torque of 4.2Nm. will a Reel mower be able to cut thick and dense grasses/weeds?
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Snail electric fence material

I am making an electric fence to stop snails entering a new garden area (the concrete patio). The problem is fixing two wires the right distance apart without them shorting. What material can be used ...
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How to open the motor cover of craftsman electric lawn mower?

Problem The lawn mower suddenly stopped working during grass cutting Lawn mower details I have an old model of craftsman lawn mower (2013 model?). It says 20" corded 12 Amp electric on the top. I ...
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Is it normal that heat mats for plants do *not* have 3-prong, grounded plugs? [closed]

I'm searching for some 2-4ft long 1-2ft wide heat mats to start plant seeds and cuttings on. In shopping around on Amazon I see that most (or all so far) heat mats have polarized 2-prong plugs. ...
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What is the best way to channel an electricity cable under the lawn?

I need to channel an electricity (and network) cable under the lawn to an outbuilding. I understand it would be best to shield the cable to stop anyone from danger when digging in the future, but ...
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Replacement for an F15T8NDL 18" lightbulb

I am currently using an F15T8NDL 18" lightbulb for my plants in a light fixture, and would like to replace it with something much brighter. So my question is that if I add a higher powered bulb in the ...
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What's a better solution than manual/gasoline corn and bean seeder?

I already asked on Electrical Engineering how to adapt an electric motor to a manual seeder. I followed the advice of a commenter to ask on this site, so that people here may have a better solution ...
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What LED light should I choose for a specific PAR watt need?

I wish to design an LED lighting system suitable for growing plants in the absence of natural light. I do NOT wish to just buy available specialised horticultural LEDs - I want to build my own using ...
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Using electricity to improve plants

I've read that you can send electric currents through plants and seeds with (low currents using DC power) and that this can increase yields and all-in-all improve the plants (provided you use the ...
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How deep are electrical lines near pad transformers?

I want to plant some tall grasses about 3 feet from an electrical pad transformer in my yard. Do I need to call the utility companies before digging? I will only be digging one foot down. Are the ...
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What to look for in a good electric chainsaw?

I will need it for clearing large tree limbs and small trees, mostly for storm cleanup in a medium sized yard surrounded by mature, healthy trees. I am looking for recommendations for safety and ...
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