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Use this tag when a questions is about earthworms specifically. This is for questions about their needs in compost piles, their beneficial effects to lawns, soil compost, etc.. For questions about unidentified or non-earthworms use the [worms] tag.

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Can you put a vermicompost bed in-ground next to a Schinus molle/areira tree?

I received some red worms that I am currently keeping in a plastic container. I would like to make a hole in the ground and keep them there, lining the hole with something breathable so the worms stay ...
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When a compost is made hot are worms able to migrate to a safe place

If I were to add loads of nitrogenous material to a leafy compost and turn it vigorously, would the worms that weren't initially wounded easily be able to escape to a safe place before being fried by ...
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Adding worms to clay soil - worth it?

I have a large area of miserable clay soil which I'm looking to start rehabilitating. For the past 15 years it's been neglected and had nothing but some unwanted grass. It's very compacted due to ...
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Worms stay at corners of the compost bin

Everytime I turn the compost in the bin, once every ten days or so, I notice that almost all worms are in the corners really close together. Lots of them. They are not trying to escape, they just ...
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Help, my cabbages have got .... earth-worms?

I have tried to grow different, head-forming cabbages in the last couple of years in my allotment (this is in London, UK), and while they grow well enough, I have some unusual problems; or at least I ...
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Will adding earthworms to my lawn enrich the soil?

I want to put some earthworms in my lawn to enrich the soil. Will it work?
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Processing compost while protecting earthworms

We were processing some messy compost/soil to get the junk (ie plastic bags, large bones) out when we realized it is full of earthworms. Any suggestions on a process that results in fewer worms being ...
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Reusing soil with earthworms in pots?

I have several potted plants, and just today I noticed I have an infestation of small earthworms. I’ll be washing and repotting all these plants with fresh soil, but I don’t know what to do with the ...
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Can Anyone Identify These Freaky British Annelids?

The first of these fast-moving worms is almost like a caterpiller in that it appears to have feet (if you look closely at the photo); however the second most definitely does not and is therefore more ...
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Why are there no earthworms in my garden?

For some reason I cannot find any worms in my gardens soil. I recently obtained a compost bin so the soil should be improving. I have tried adding compost to the soil and adding coffee grains to ...
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How can I keep my earthworms cool?

I understand that earthworms like to live in a cool environment. But I live in a country with a hot climate. How do I keep my wormies cool? Can specific diets help?
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Laying new topsoil, what if anything to mix in for worms or to kickstart healthy ecosystem?

For reasons that would take too long to go into (tl;dr version - a combination of mass gradual soil movement needing soil engineering, bad development, old paving/topslabs, + ground levelling to ...
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What leaves should I feed worms?

I know that in real life worms will eat both fresh and dry leaves at night or when it rains. I am not putting earthworms in the soil yet but I will soon. I am trying earthworms and mix of old and ...
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Mass Earthworm Suicides on the Back Veranda

I live in Adelaide, Australia and during this winter season during rainy weather I have been finding large numbers of earthworms dead and stuck on the concrete of our back veranda (porch.) This isn't ...
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Where would you buy earthworms?

Looking to add some earthworms to my garden. What types of stores would carry them? I'm guessing Home Depot and Lowes, but I'm not certain. (I'm in the US)
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