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Ability for water to drain through soil. Use this with questions about what techniques, tools, materials to use to increase or decrease drainage of the soil or other planting medium.

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4 answers

How do I improve drainage vertically through clayey soil?

I live on a hill where the soil has lots of clay. My back garden has been terraced with small (1m) retaining walls. The net result is that we have several lawns / gardens with the following ...
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How do I determine the proper way to drain a yard?

I have an issue with a small area of my lot collecting a couple inches of water pretty much any time it rains. It takes it a few days before the water finally evaporates or soaks into the yard. I ...
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What should I do about standing water in potted plant?

I have a large (70L?) moulded plastic pot which is filled with topsoil, and has a freshly planted lilac bush in it. I had noticed this pot did not have drainage holes at the bottom, but had thought ...
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How can I drain lawn with very little slope?

I have a depression on the side of my lawn where rain and sprinkler water collects. There used to be a plastic lined pond and a lot of rock (for the last 5-8 years) that I suspect blocked the water ...
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Underbed for raised garden

We have a drainage / flooding problem where lots of water passes through our garden, from the higher house on our right to the lower house on our left. I want to put in a raised garden, which has a "...
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7 votes
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How can I improve drainage in a rainy area lawn with little manual labour?

My back garden is very boggy ground and it is located in the midlands in Ireland, so this is common. I tried planting trees to take the excess water and that seemed to help for nearly a year, but in ...
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How can I drain water from a low spot in my garden when I have no lower spot to drain to?

I have a low spot in the back of my yard that pools excessive water after a rain. The only lower spot than that is my neighbor's yard (there is a brief upslope between my yard and his) so I cannot ...
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Would holes in the sides of plastic pots impove drainage and aeration?

Since the pots are plastic, they are not breathable. I made enough holes at the bottom to let the excess water seep out. Some time ago, I made some, 1/4 of an inch, holes. But when I watered it ...
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What "gotchas" should I avoid when building a raised garden?

I am planning on constructing a 2-tier outdoor raised vegetable garden. I'd like to avoid any "gotchas". I live in the US Pacific Northwest, so three non-summer seasons a year are moist. My plan is:...
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Standing Water with sidewalk surrounded

The last few days we have had a lot of rain, most of which pooled up to my house foundation. I've managed to divert most of it temporarily to a location further from my house, but it's still an issue. ...
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How can I add drainage to an area with shrubs already there?

I have 12 sweet viburnums (Viburnum odortatissimum) in a row as a future privacy hedge. I had to replace 2 of them just recently because they suffocated from sitting water when I had heavy rain at the ...
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Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns)

I am pretty new to keeping plants, and I have a Euphorbia Milii as a houseplant now sitting in a terracotta pot. I planted it in cactus soil, and I generally water it well, waiting for the soil to dry ...
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Balcony forest clearing [duplicate]

Please edit away the title to anything more suitable; I am not a native English speaker. Now to the point. An apartment in temperate climate. A garden of about half a cubic meter of soil spread in ...
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