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For questions about how to get rid of properly of garden waste, leftover chemicals, debris of former landscape elements, etc. For questions about composting organic materials use the [compost] or [vermicomposting] tags.

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Where can I dispose of scrap dirt?

I have dirt from an old burn pile that I need disposed of. I want to refill the area with fresh soil so I can plant grass seed. The dirt I want removed has wood chips, nails, and rocks. Does anyone ...
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What to do with tomatillo and chilli plants in winter?

First time gardener here. This year I decided to grow some tomatillos and mexican chillies in my garden. Although it was some hard work I also had a good harvest (for my first time) and fun overall. ...
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Disposing wood after heavy pruning

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but - My wife recently got some of our trees (heavily) pruned, and it has fallen to me to handle the wood. I am in two minds - I'm contemplating ...
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What's the most efficient method for burning cuttings?

We have chopped down a long willow hedge on our allotment and thus have lots of wood / woody stems to burn. There is a strong prevailing wind, and I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to build ...
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What are the health concerns of burning with motor oil?

I know someone who insists on using new, unused motor oil to burn garden waste (in a garden area). Somehow, I'm pretty sure this can be bad for the garden and/or people's health who eat the stuff ...
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Ways to salvage a tomato plant in winter

I received a tomato plant from work. It never blossomed, never produced fruit, but it grew to a fair height. My wife has ordered me to take it out of the house because it's attracting insects of some ...
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What can I do with a dead bonsai that was an anniversary gift? [closed]

For our anniversary, my wife gave me a ficus bonsai tree. About 2 months ago, it suddenly lost all its leaves. We took it to a garden store that specializes in bonsais, and we were told that it had ...
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How can I dispose of gravel?

The previous owner of my house decided to plant two large junipers in front of the house and fill around them with ~1-2" diameter gravel. I've already taken out the junipers but now I am left to deal ...
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What should I do with leaves skimmed out of a pool?

We moved into a house with a large in-ground pool, and have been learning to maintain it (I'm a yard-work newbie). We skim leaves and twigs out every few days, and some days there is rather a lot of ...
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How to safely remove poison ivy

What is the best way to remove poison ivy from a yard or trees without getting it all over yourself? I figured that even with an herbicide that the dead poison ivy would still need gathered up, and ...
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4 answers

How do you deal with disposing of bougainvillea branches?

I have a number of overgrown bougainvilleas that were hit by frost damage last season. As such they have a lot of unsightly, dead branches on them. This spring I plan to do a severe pruning, but I'm ...
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How to dispose of sand, concrete rubble and field stones?

I have three piles of rubble from an old stoop I just demolished. Here are some pictures: 1) sand pile: 2) concrete rubble pile: 3) and field stone pile: I have a few questions about how to ...
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