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Use this with questions about diagnosing browning, yellowing or other spots on leaves, stems or other part of plants. Use this tag along with the [diagnosis] tag.

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Dragon Fruit developing translucent areas which then turn tan/white

I have two dragon fruit plants which were started from healthy cuttings. The new growth segments have developed an odd thing which I can't figure out when reading up on problems and diseases. Along ...
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What could be causing these bands of discoloration on my grass leaves?

My lawn was replanted from seed last fall, and has been looking generally good this year, though the overall color seemed a bit lacking recently. Upon closer inspection, I found that throughout the ...
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What's happening to my Marigold plant?

I sowed seeds for Marigold (purchased from Home Depot) and used Miracle Pro potting mix. The seeds germinated quickly and my plant grew 6-8 inches. From past 10 days, I am seeing the peripheral leaves ...
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Oak Tree Disease

Several live oak trees in my neighborhood over the past years have become covered in these protruding black spots on the bark. When the trees have it for a long time, they look like the tree I posted ...
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Mango plant is dying

My mango plant (Mallika variety) recently had what seemed like a mealybug infestation. I applied EndAll pesticide and 70% isopropyl alcohol, and now the bugs mostly seem to be gone. However, I notice ...
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What is the cause of bubbles in my lemon tree leaves

I have planted a lemon tree in a pot and I have now noticed that some of the leaves have bubbles and the new small ones are reddish in colour. What is the cause of this and what can I do to remedy ...
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Why is my ficus tree changing variegation color?

I bought two ficus trees a little over a year ago, one with dark green/white leafs, and a smaller one with dark green/light green leafs. A while ago, the first one started growing leafs with the color ...
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Verbena leaves getting yellow dots and losing pigment

My verbena is getting yellow dots. It starts with a few of them and then the number of them grows until the leaf turns entirely a lighter shade of green. Comparing it to my other verbena, I think the ...
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Peter pepper plant seeding yellow new leaves

I am using my own built green house to prepare some chili plants for next years gardening season. I have planted various seeds and almost all of them have grown into seedlings. I have noticed that one ...
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Immediately browned leaves on coral bark maple

Four months ago I transplanted two young maple trees, a coral bark and a Japanese, from nursery pots to larger pots. I went on vacation and the automatic irrigation did not trigger. Both scorched, ...
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Ficus bonsai has leaves that turn copper, why?

I have a bonsai ficus ("ficus elastica bonsai" I think). For the last 2 weeks, some of the leaves are getting a little black/red (copper color). I took a picture. It seems, but I'm not sure, ...
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Newly planted grass is yellowish-green, how to fix?

A contractor planted grass seed last year and it looks IMO horrible now. It is a yellowish green color and the blades of the grass are thicker, making it seem out of place compared to the other ...
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Mint with white / yellow spots and eaten leaves- advice on how to treat?

Any help identifying what's going on here and how to help is much appreciated!! This is mint I bought and potted. It's grown quite a bit but I am noticing these white / yellow flecks, brown spots and ...
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