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Does dill negatively effect carrot growth?

I've read in a number of places that carrots and dill do not do well together. There is no specific reason listed, so I am skeptical on this. Looking for some hard evidence to back this up.
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Colony of tiny beetles and eggs on a dill seed

Can anyone identify this colony of what appear to be beetles I found on a dill seed? Here is my best description of the insects: nearly spherical long antennae with 4 articulated segments - last ...
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Why is my dill looking pale

My dill seems to have a whitish coating most of it. It looks almost powdery and gives it a pale bluish hue.
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Herbs - Help with transplantation of dill seedling to slightly bigger pot

I had some seeds of the dill herb which I planted in a tray with dimensions 6.5 cm x 8 cm. They sprouted successfully within 4-5 days, but started growing slanted as the sunlight was incident at an ...
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Beginner Balcony Gardner

My anthem dill was doing well and now it's not. I cut a lot away but feel like I need to cut more. Also I read that it could be powdery mildew. What is wrong with my dill? [![enter image description ...
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Dill Seeds Molding?

I had collected dill seeds from my dill plants. I had not dried the plants when I took the seeds, I just took the seeds right off the plant and put them in a paper envelope. I stored them in a dark, ...