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Tools and techniques for removing flower heads once they've finished blooming.

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Does deadheading roses work?

I understand that it's accepted horticultural practice but is there any scientific evidence that deadheading roses actually encourages further flowering?
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If leaves come off a plant with little resistance, does that always mean they're dead?

Spent flowers and old brown leaves tend to fall off at a slight touch. Sometimes reasonably green ones do as well though. If a leaf or flower comes off without having to pull or snap anything, does ...
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How do you deadhead a snapdragon?

I'm used to deadheading roses and mums and other "normal" flower shapes. We bought some gorgeous maroon snapdragons for way too much and I'd like to deadhead them to encourage more blooms. ...
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How should I deadhead my peace lily?

From my research I've found that I'm supposed to cut the dead flowers at the bottom of the stem, but as the stem of the flower goes down it becomes wrapped in a leaf stem. I'm looking at a couple ...
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Should I deadhead campanula?

My campanula has started drying the flowers. Though all of the branches are completely dried out. Some still have few flowers. Is this a good time to deadhead my campanula for flowering again?
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Should I deadhead my daylilies?

In a section of our yard, I have a small field of beautiful daylilies, nine varieties in all. (I can't take credit for them, as they were here when we bought the house a few years ago!) True to their ...
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Should I remove hibiscus flower blossoms as soon as they wilt?

Will they continue to send up new buds throughout the summer, or will it not make any difference at all if I remove them after they blossom? I have at least six very tall leafy plants, but not many ...
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How should I deadhead a Hydrangea?

How do I remove the dead flowers on my Hydrangea? Do I just cut them off at the bottom of the dead flower bloom? Please advise what and how I should handle the hydrangea flowers after they turn brown.
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