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Genus of bushy, tuberous perennials; commonly grown for their flowers.

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Black foliage turning green?

I bought a beautiful dahlia with black foliage, but it has turned green. I am in Seattle, the summer has turned the fall, and the plant is in full sun. It is blooming and looks very healthy. What ...
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Dahlia or a weed?

These came up along with my other dahlias this year and I don't know if they are a weed or not. I accidentally dug up a bunch of tubers thinking they were weeds a bit ago and now I'm a bit scared lol. ...
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Why are my dahlia tubers squishy?

A few days after the first frost last week I cut off the leaves, most of the stem and dug up our dahlia tubers. While washing off the dirt they were hard like potatoes (with the occasional skewered ...
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I don't know if it's a Dahlia plant?

About a month back I planted some dahlia and marigold seeds in a pot. It seemed unsuccessful till this sprout came up. However, I'm not sure if it's actually something I grew or worth keeping. ...
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Need help on shoot separation

Greeting friends, newbie to gardening here and currently growing dahlia I bought last month from local florist, bought with flower blooms for about 2 weeks and then wilt and I cut it, there’s also ...
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What flower is this with long numerous white and purple petals?

Can someone please help me to identify this lovely flower. Thank you
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Dahlia question

I'm asking for a friend who is puzzled. She purchased this dahlia five years ago. The first four year all the tips of the petels were uniformly white as she expected. She divided the tubers at the ...
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How many dahlia tubers can I plant in a pot 12 inch pot

I have bought Dahlia tubers from a big box hardware store. According to the packages there are 3 plants per package. Each package contained 1 clump that was about fist sized and two smaller clumps (...
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How to separate seeds from chaff (husk)?

I have harvested seeds from Zinnia elegans and Dahlia variabilis and I don't know how to easily separate the seeds from the chaff. I have put them in a bag and shaked it hoping that the seeds will ...
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How can I preserve and propagate a color sport in my dahlias?

I have several Hulin's Carnival dahlias in my garden, whose flowers are normally white with flecks or large patches of wine: This year, one of them has put out a stalk that has pink flowers instead ...
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How do I collect annual Dahlia seeds?

I have an annual Dahlia and I would like to save some seeds for next year. I've heard it is easy, but I don't know how to do it. Most of the flowers have dropped their petals. The plants are about 8" ...
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Can dahlias be grown as perennials?

The wikipedia article on dahlia says that they are perennial plants. However, the dahlia section at my local garden center claims (in their little info booklets) that they are annuals. Upon further ...
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How are dahlia tubers overwintered?

I grow several types of dahlias every year, and dig up the tubers in late Fall to keep them for next year. I cover them in potting compost and put them in the back corner of my basement which is dark,...
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