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Infested leaves - red currant

I have several red currants which have red bubbly discoloration on the upper side of their leaves. After inspecting the lower side of the leaves I've noticed small bugs. My plan is to remove ...
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What to do about cut feeder roots when moving bush

I moved 2year old black currant day ago, having cut feeder roots. It occurred to me that perhaps i should have capped or disinfected root ends? Soil is sandy, well drained, temperature is around 15c ...
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What to do about a flowering currant covered with white disease or fungus?

Does anyone know what this is and how to deal with it please (I am in the UK)? Are there any precautions I need to take if I just remove the whole shrub? It is a flowering currant. Thanks
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How warm should soil be for propagation of hardwood black currant cuttings?

I have hardwood cutting from a couple of black currant bushes collected this winter. Many have been planted in small pots as I'm getting them started indoors on a warming mat. The warming mat is ...
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Why does my Black Currant bush have shriveling/drying leaves and fruit?

I am in Southern Ontario, Canada (Zone 5). I transplanted a fairly large Black currant bush two years ago from my friend's garden. While I'm happy to see how resilient this plant is and that even in ...
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Could I use fleece covering over blackcurrant plant in England all year round?

I want to give my new redcurrant plant the absolute best chance of not being attacked or infested with insects, so I have the idea to put a warming cap/fleece cover on the plant to keep insects and ...
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Emergency propagation of red currant cutting in early summer

Due to a trimmer accident I currently have an entire branch of a red currant bush at my hands. All sources I could find tell me that currants are best propagated in fall from one-year old wood ...
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How do I transplant black currants?

What should I do when transplanting black currants? How deep should I plant it? Where should I plant it?
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