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Can normal Poppy crossbreed with Opium Poppy?

Around my home there are a lot of normal wild poppies (papaver rhoeas) and opium poppies (papaver somniferum). I have a few rhoeas in my garden but I'm a bit concerned about crossbreeding. Could that ...
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Will different species of elderberry get the same cross pollination benefits

I recently planted a Lemon-Lace Elderberry (a Sambucus racemosa cultivar). Since I've read online that elderberries produce much more fruit if planted in multiples of different varieties, I'm looking ...
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Finding the right pollinator for "Ferragnes" almond

I have two "Ferragnes" almonds, but "Ferragnes" is, like most almond cultivars, not self-fertile. It needs another almond cultivar that flowers at approximately same time, and ...
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Tigger Melon growing a single female flower - any hope I can make it fruit?

I have a 12-14' (mostly vertical) Tigger Melon vine growing that appears quite healthy. It has grown several male flowers in the past but currently it has it's first female flower and no visible male ...
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What cherry variety to chose to cross-pollinate

I recently bought (by mistake) a variety of cherry tree (Ohio beauty) that is not self-pollinating. I live in the city, in the 15th floor, and I have a large balcony on which I want to grow a few ...
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Can tepary beans cross-pollinate with common beans?

I've bought seeds for an open-pollinated heirloom variety of tepary beans (phaseolus acutifolius). The seeds I collect from the mature plants should yield the exact same variety. However, is there ...
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Avoiding chilli cross-pollination

I've watched a few YouTube videos on the subject of growing chillies. In one of the videos the author is growing several varieties of chillies in the same greenhouse which is what I'm doing. To ...
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Cross pollination with a new tree propagated by air layering

I know some fruit trees like apple, plum, cherry etc requires cross pollination for setting fruits. Let's say I have only one tree and I can propagate a new tree by air layering. So the new tree and ...
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