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Common name for Digitaria, a creeping grass that can become a problem weed.

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What's an organic way to discourage crabgrass from a large "lawn"?

I have a large area that's infested with crabgrass. I'd like to use organic methods to encourage the grass mix over the crabgrass. The fact that it's a large area means I can't afford to apply (nor ...
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How is crabgrass removed from lawns?

I have some crabgrass in various patches in my lawn that I would like to remove. At the same time, I would like to fill in some patches (and the crabgrass locations) with new grass seed. I can buy ...
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How do I quickly remove crabgrass without too much manual labour?

My backyard is being overtaken with crabgrass again. It started later this year than last. In the early spring, I rented a de-thatcher/powerrake and cleaned up the year of a lot of dead material (to ...
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Should I bag lawn clippings from a crabgrass-infested lawn?

I know all the recommendations are to NOT bag the lawn (assuming a mulching mower), however, given a crabgrass-infested lawn (approx 50% surface coverage is crab grass), is it better to bag the ...
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How long should I wait after overseeding, before I apply pre-emergent weed preventer?

I aerated, overseeded and applied starter fertilizer last Sept 15th. Would I be safe to apply a pre-emergent such as Scotts fertilizer with Halts pre-emergent this spring, or would some of the grass ...
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Are both of these patches crabgrass?

I have what appears to be, two types of crabgrass growing. One with thicker, longer, higher blades. Another with skinnier, shorter blades. I have seen the "real crabgrass video", but still not able ...
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What are the benefits of solarization?

I am trying to cull crabgrass from my desert yard. I live in central Arizona. The crabgrass will grow in intense heat and seems very robust. It tends to grow more rapidly in shaded areas of the ...
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How to get rid of crab grass and weeds from my lawn [duplicate]

Spring has just come here in Virginia and my front lawn is a mess. I have more crab grass and weeds than grass! I need some help as to what should I be putting in my lawn? Should I just buy Scott's ...
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