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What is wrong with my Coleus?

Are any Coleus experts here? I wonder what is wrong with mine. I put them in quick-draining soil in a mostly shady spot and have been watering once a week. They're looking sadder and sadder. My guess ...
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How to "revert" coleus flowering

I spotted a nice group of coleus at a local park last October, including a couple unusual varieties which are not found in your typical cheap "rainbow" seed mix. Knowing how easy it is to ...
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5 votes
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Coleus wilting, unsure why

My coleus plant was thriving about 2 weeks ago, it even flowered for the first time. I repotted it into a bigger pot and watered it, the soil is not dry and I don’t believe I over watered it, no sign ...
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Coleus leaves going limp often

The leaves of my coleus have been going limp. A few days ago, I noticed that the leaves were limp. I guessed that I probably hadn't given enough sunlight but the leaves were back to normal when I woke ...
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Coleus leaves have been slowly losing their color, whats going wrong?

I recently planted a set of three coleuses outside (in Florida) and two seem to be doing fine but one has started losing the color in its leaves. I'm worried about it dying, can someone tell me what ...
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Pruning Coleus (and silly 15 character requirement)

I have some coleus that about 20-24 inches tall and "leggy", as they say. So I want to prune them down and have looked at several YT videos. But their plants are all perfect for pruning ...
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