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2 answers

Cold frame for starting seedlings

I live in Sacramento, CA (zone 9b). Winters are mild. Dec/Jan average temps range from 55F - 40F during day/night. However, depending on year, we can get some frost from mid Dec - mid Jan. I would ...
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Are green plastic bottles suitable for making a cold frame/greenhouse?

I've been saving up green plastic bottles for a few weeks now with the vague intention of recycling them to make a cold frame or greenhouse. Are green bottles ok to do this with, or would they need to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Improving heat retention and light availability of coldframes

I am currently planning on building some grow-houses/cold frames. Actually mostly raised beds 18" (45cm) high, with the ability to fit panels over it in winter turning them into cold frames. The rear ...
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What thickness of twinwall polycarbonate should I use for my greenhouse?

I bought a cheap grow house with 4 shelves for growing herbs but the wind has knocked it about and it is starting to lean to one side a bit more than it should. I plan to build a wooden frame, to ...
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2 answers

Is it a bad idea to put seedlings in a cold frame?

I made a cold frame out of $5.00 worth of lumber and some saran wrap. I don't know if it necessarily deserves the title "cold frame", but I want to use it as a place that is protected from the ...
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How to automatically vent a cold frame during the Winter?

I am working on building a cold frame and have purchased a Univent automatic opener to vent the cold frame by lifting the lid/light. However the Univent opener is not supposed to subjected to ...
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