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For questions about using coffee grounds as a soil amendment/compost.

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Entangled coffee plant

6 months ago, I received my first coffee plant that I immediately repotted in a 14" pot. It was 6 " in height, now 2 ft tall. I have recently realized that it was actually made up of 6 ...
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Coffee grounds as pesticide or fertilizer (in general and/or for Chinese Evergreens)

Earlier today, I noticed a lot of small tiny flies emerging from the Chinese Evergreens I purchased last weekend. At the time, I just had my freshly ground and used morning coffee beans... so I tried ...
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Can roasted coffee as soil burn soft leaves?

Yesterday I well fed my cannabis sativa (Wikipedia) plants with fresh shredded extra roasted Starbucks coffee under the assumption they will grow better, but instead of that this morning I saw the ...
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Can the filter papers in coffee K-pods be used for composting?

I already know it's a lot of trouble to remove them for composting, but does anyone know if the paper filters inside the K-pods are actually biodegradable? We no longer use the old fashioned coffee ...
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What's this green stuff on my soil?

I dumped my french press on this potted fig tree a few times, perhaps that was a mistake. Today I noticed this this green stuff on top of the soil. What is this?
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Is it helpful to add coffee grounds to a droopy mother-in-law's tongue?

I have a mother-in-law's tongue, Sansevieria trifasciata, that's getting a bit yellow and slightly droopy. A friend recommended that I add some coffee grounds to the soil, which I've been doing, but I'...
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Can coffee grounds be considered soil?

I'm running a test on growing tomato plants with about 80% coffee, and another with about 20% coffee in layers. What one should I expect to do better? Both have silty sand from the bottom of the ...
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How thick do I need coffee grounds to be in order to keep grass back?

I'm running into a slight grass problem where I planted my blueberry bushes, and was wondering how thick I should make my coffee ground mulch around the blueberry bushes to prevent the grass from ...
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How do coffee grounds benefit potted plumeria?

I have heard that adding coffee grounds to the soil - as a top layer/mulch - help potted plumeria. But what about this helps the plant thrive? Bonus Q: I have heard the same of banana peels.
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How should I add spent coffee grounds to Azaleas?

My garden has rocks and weed fabric. Must I remove both and add the grounds to the soil or can I just add on them on top of the rocks?
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Do coffee grounds in gardens deter cats?

There are several sites that suggest using coffee grounds in the garden, to keep out cats. I haven't tried it, but there are some beds on my property which could do without cats digging around and ...
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Can I grow spider plants in coffee?

Long story short, I have stale ground coffee (whoops vacation whoops) and two spider plants growing in pure water. Can I combine the two, or is that too acidic? I know that spider plants like acid, ...
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How many coffee grounds are too many coffee grounds for composting?

I have a pretty steady access to about 4 pots of coffee worth of coffee grounds each day. I have heard coffee grounds are great for a compost pile, but I am wondering how much is too much? Is there a ...
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Can I put coffee filters into my compost?

I've heard that coffee grounds are a good "green"(nitrogen rich) to put in your compost, but I was wondering if I could throw the filter in there as well? They are the standard "accordion side" white ...
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What household wastes can you use to fertilize without composting?

I cannot compost, no room, no permission. My kitchen produces a steady output of used coffee grounds, which is a good slow release nitrogen source (2.3 .06 .6), should not attract pests or transmit ...
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How much coffee grounds should I add to my compost (and how frequently)?

I have been reading that spent coffee grounds can be used for fertilizer and/or composting and also came across this question on this site. I have a compost pile in the yard that holds roughly two 33 ...
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How do I apply spent coffee grounds as a fertilizer?

I've read that spent coffee grounds work well as a fertilizer. But the methods of application are all over the map. Some indicate using it in compost, others suggest spreading it and broken ...
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