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Fine grained mineral component of soil. Lots of clay can cause a soil to be heavy and sticky.

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Drainage problems and replacing existing grass

We have a lot of standing water after rain. Also our grass is "mushy" long after the rain has past. What is the best drainage and how do I prep my soil for new grass? Standing water:
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Garden space in a basement with dirt space

My house was built in 1952 and the basement was dug out from under the house at a later date. The way they did this left a perfectly sized (approximately 12"x40", about 4' from the floor) ...
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How much topsoil on top of clay to level sloping garden

Hi I have a separated garden first is lawn and the second was a play area with a (10m x 6m)membrane over clay with bark. We have now removed bark and want a level lawn but my problem is how do I level ...
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Internet says to plant bulbs 3 or 5 times (depending on the bulb) its own depth. What if you're planting in clay soil?

Does the planting depth change when it comes to soil that's more clay then the loamy soil you get at the nurseries? Since clay soil is heavier and has the ability to retain moisture, would it restrict ...
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How can I repair the short patches in my lawn?

My grass is growing quite unevenly before and after scarifying, over-seeding and watering and I'm looking for advice on what to try next. We own a new build property in the UK with clay-like soil. We ...