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Flowering perennial herbacious plants and subshrubs, Genus "Chrysanthemum" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.

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chrysanthemum plant looks dull and almost dying

I am living in Germany and now the temperature is between 3 to 12 degree celsius these days. Rarely at night it goes to 0 or -1. I have 2 chrysanthemum plants in my balcony pot out of which one is ...
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Chrysanthemum not thriving outdoors; dig up? Australia

Chrysanthemum planted in garden in semi sun 2 years ago from pot. Never thrived.😔 Fair drainage but sun exposure varies as trees above grow more leaves! Probably too much mulch at times by ...
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Why does my chrysanthemum plant cannot tolerate mild direct sunlight?

I purchased chrysanthemum plant from a nursery store 3 days ago. However, when I keep my plant under direct sunlight the leaves starts drooping as you can see in the picture. Since its winter time, ...
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How can I refresh Chrysanthemum's in the garden?

My plants will flower in a month or two but they have dead leaves on the stems already.
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