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Identification: which species of Allium is this?

I am trying to identify this Allium. It was present in our garden when we moved in. It grows well every year, but then the tops fall over and die by early Summer without flowering. Numerous other ...
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Chives have yellowing ends. Is it normal?

This is the first time I ever grow chives. They are in a seed pod, along with other herb bods in a hydrocultural system (one of those simple amateurish ones sold on Amazon). I planted them 37 days ago....
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What are these tiny black things on the tips of my chive seedlings?

I just purchased and transplanted these chive seedlings. They came from the store with these tiny hard black ovoids on about a third of the tips, although I didn't notice until I got home. What are ...
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Will chives produce a good yield indoors if I transplant them from outside?

Last year I planted chive onions outside. Today I discovered that they survived. If I transplant them indoors, will they survive and produce a good yield?
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Non-flowering chives

My chives are doing well, strong and disease free. But they are not flowering! Could mine be a late flowering variety? Is there such a thing? Or maybe a non-flowering variety? Thanks.
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When to cut chives for drying, and can I separate them?

Should I wait until my chives have bloomed to cut them for or can I cut them anytime? Will the taste be different? I'm growing them in a small terracotta pot inside. They're small but I read online to ...
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What is this plant which looks like chives?

Found in West Michigan zone 5b. It tolerates cool and heat well. It emerges about the same time as chives but it does not have a single hollow stem like chives. It has an occasional leaf that comes ...
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What makes some chives twice as wide as other chives of the same type?

I've noticed that some of my chives are twice as wide as other chives of the same type, and was wondering why some are wider than others.
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