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Common house plant genus scientifically known as Aglaonema. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Aglaonemas.

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Leggy and etiolated Aglaonema or just mature?

My friend is kindly gifting me this Aglaonema that no longer works for her space. Though it is beautiful just the way it is, is its legginess a sign of etiolation or simply maturity? What would you ...
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Need help saving plant!

I don't know exactly what kind of plant I have someone suggested it might be a Chinese evergreen? I got it as a gift last year when I was sick in the hospital. Although I've been watering it about ...
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Clear sap like substance on underside of Chinese evergreen leaves

I just recently discovered some clear sticky dots under the leaves of my Chinese Evergreen. The look and feel like some sort of sap. They can be wiped off but are thick and sticky. There isn't any ...
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Drooping Aglaonema Pictum Tricolour! Need help!

I've recently rescued 5 Pictum Tricolour at an affordable price from an old lady at the market 4 days ago. They've received two watering so far and have not perked up yet. I've chopped up 2 of them ...
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Chinese evergreen with clear droplet secretions on leaves

Is my Chinese evergreen plant here in my office ok? I noticed some water droplet type secretions on the new leaves and on the undersides of some other leaves. Is this normal? An officemate said it ...
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