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What insect has infested this apple tree

My apple tree sapling has been infested by some kind of caterpillar. What can I do to get rid of them, and eventually prevent them from coming back? They have appeared over the course of one week, and ...
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Identify millipede: brown body and yellow spots on the sides

There is this adult and 4-5 small ones in a Snake Plant pot. It looks like yellow spotted millipede Is it dangerous for humans ? Is it useful or dangerous for the plant/ soil ? If dangerous, I'll try ...
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Please help identify and eradicate this lawn pest

These creatures are living in my lawn. They seem to appear only during the summer, for the last three years. I think they’re killing the grass, perhaps by chewing on the roots. Or, at least, the grass ...
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What are these caterpillars?

I have a bunch of caterpillars in my garden, specifically in my tomato plants. I want to know what type of caterpillar they are, and what can I do to stop them (if they're bad). I live in North ...
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What is this cluster of tiny tan eggs on my citrus tree leaf?

I have a young orange tree in my yard in southern California. It had a rough winter (lost every leaf) but it's coming back now. Today I found this cluster of eggs on one of the leaves: The eggs are ...
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Insects on Field Rose

I'm kinda new to gardening, and also new to my current area. I'm now living in central London and in my small garden I have a rosebush that I believe is a "Field rose" rosebush. It's not in ...
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Best way to control oleander aphids on milkweed without harming monarch caterpillars or future eggs

I've got an infestation of oleander aphids on my milkweed plants (A. incarnata and A. tuberosa). They're somewhat unsightly, and all other things being equal I'd want to get rid of them unless they ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is this caterpillar in my flowers?

I found dozens of these in my flowering plants. What should I do?
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3 votes
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What is this catepillar/slug in my garden?

There's like 50 of them crawling around, I'm not sure if I should be concerned? Seemingly happened overnight.
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caterpillar identification on fennel

Location: north Italy (alps) Yesterday while watering the plants in my garden I noticed a caterpillar on my fennel leaves, and it seemes to eat them. The caterpillar is about 4cm long. What kind of ...
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What is this caterpillar and how to fight it?

This caterpillar is on a sage plant> It's less than 5mm long. It seems to be eating it. What is it exactly and how can I prevent it? Thanks!
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What is this caterpillar I've found?

I found this caterpillar in my garden. Does anyone know what it is? It's in Michigan.
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2 votes
2 answers

What is this green caterpillar eating and laying eggs in my tomatillo husks?

My tomatillo plants are infested with some sort of green caterpillar or larvae that's chewing holes in the husk, fruit, and leaves. It is not bothering the nearby tomato plants. Any ideas on what it ...
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2 answers

Identify caterpillar infestation on apple tree

tl;dr; Found caterpillar nests. Should I keep them or destroy them? I spotted three caterpillar nests(?) on my apple tree. The apple tree produces green eating apples (don't know what variety). There ...
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What is this 3cm green caterpillar from northern California?

We have a number of these caterpillars in the yard. They are about 3 cm long. This is on the peninsula south of San Francisco, CA, USA. I initially thought of geometer moths but it seems to have ...
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What is this pale green spiky caterpillar found in Athens, Greece?

I found this caterpillar on my balcony in Athens, Greece. It's growing quite fast, eating about a leaf per day, choosing new baby leaves. Please let me know what it is! Does it turn to a butterfly ...
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What caterpillar is this?

And how do I get rid of it... The beasts are about 2 cm long. At first I thought there was a parasite in my plants since I only saw the poppy-seed-like excrement. Until someone mentioned it was ...
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What is this big caterpillar in my yard?

Does anyone know what this big caterpillar is? It is bright yellow with kind of geometrical triangular grey strips on the back, and also black points. It is huge for the region: 5 to 7 centimetres ...
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Asian box caterpillar

I noticed some brown leaves on my box plants and thought it may be blight. A week later I was watering close to the biggest, 7feet topiary trimmed, specimen when I noticed a rotten farmyard odour. On ...
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Caterpillar?-Kindly help in identifying it.

This creature on the photo was hiding in the tree and was moving bit quickly. Seemed like a caterpillar which eats moringa.. Can somebody help in identifying it.
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Is there anything that really helps against the Box tree caterpillar once they are spreading?

About a week ago I noticed that some of our Boxwood plants (Buxus Sempervirens) contain a green caterpillar and a few days later the caterpillars had spread rapidly to almost all other Boxwood plants. ...
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