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Ratio of carbon to nitrogen, typically in a compost heap.

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Ammonia smell in compost

I've got a pile of hot compost going which consists primarily of: Straw (about 75% by volume) Kitchen Scraps Rabbit Manure Fall leaves and grass clippings At the moment it's giving off a pretty ...
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Does nitrogen-rich material become carbon-rich after drying?

So my compost is very nitrogen-rich since my yard is mostly lawn and grass clippings are nitrogen-heavy. I read that hay, on the other hand, is carbon-rich. Since hay is just grass dried in the sun, ...
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Compost won't heat up

I bought a composting bin with thermal-insulated walls, mainly for composting kitchen waste: However, according to its thermometer, the temperature never rises over ~20 celsius. Youtube videos say ...
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What is the carbon content of tree seeds and would they be suitable to balance nitrogen rich compost?

On top of my garage was a full 2 inches of densely composted material that I presume has built up over many years. Right above the garage are 2 trees that seem to shed hundreds of thousands of tiny ...
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What is an accurate method to measure the C:N ratio of Bokashi pickled/composted kitchen waste?

In a container gardening situation without soil to bury Bokashi pickled/composted kitchen waste, it seems viable to add to a tumble composter. What is an accurate method to compute C:N of Bokashi? ...
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How can the "soils" be improved on coral atolls.

My Parents are currently living on a small pacific coral atoll. Coral atolls, for the most part don't have much soil. Mostly they just have coral sands. These "soils" are very well drained (and they ...
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How much nitrogen per bale in a straw bale garden?

I recently read a NY Times article about straw bale gardening. It says that you should add about 2 1/2 cups of 20% N fertilizer or three pounds of blood meal and feather meal per bale. Add water, wait ...
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What's the best C:N ratio when vermicomposting?

I know that for 'regular' composting without worms you need a carbon-nitrogen ratio of something between 25:1 and 30:1. Is the same true for vermicomposting? I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm using ...
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What are good sources for large quantities of "greens" for my compost?

I have a compost pile that has a lot of "browns" in it, dead leaves and wood shavings mostly. Can anyone recommend sources for large quantities of "greens"? I've been putting in my kitchen scraps but ...
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Is spent cat litter an appropriate source of nitrogen for compost?

Is spent cat litter an appropriate source of nitrogen for compost? The cat litter used is made of recycled paper pellets so is rich in carbon. It doesn't contain the cat faeces because that is fished ...
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What's the best way to increase the carbon content of compost heap in a grassy garden?

I've a small compost heap (1.2m x 1.2m x 0.8m), which is mostly formed of grass clippings. Thanks to this answer to another composting question, I now understand the C:N ratio. Unfortunately, there ...
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