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Evergreen shrub developed large dead area

What would cause this? Do I need to cut out this section? I don’t see any sign of insects. Our area is being infested with the spotted lantern fly.
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3 votes
1 answer

Broadleaf evergreens for an unheated greenhouse?

I have built a small greenhouse (unheated; Canadian zone 5). I built it so that I could have a place to go in winter where there are green leafy things to look at. What are some pleasant-looking, ...
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6 votes
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What is this evergreen white-flowered Bush growing in the shade?

It has little white flowers in June, doesn't lose leaves in winter, grows in shade, leggy, hardy in zone 6A.
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2 answers

Do you grow or have info on the evergreen stewartia (sometimes listed under the genus hartia)

My earlier question has seemed to generate much confusion so I am taking a stab at re-writing it. Part of me fears that this board doesn't contain enough plant geeks (aka plant collectors), and ...
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What is this low-growing evergreen?

I found this plant in my woods And would like the identification. It is a small woody evergreen that grows in dry soil in light to deep shade. It grows about 1 1/2' tall and has small clusters of ...
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11 votes
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Can I cover an evergreen shrub in winter?

I have a small evergreen shrub that gets frost burn in winter. I had been told to use tar paper on it over winter, but I was concerned that since it is a broad-leaved evergreen it might need light in ...
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