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Flowering thorny vines and bushes, Genus "Bougainvillea" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.

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Bougainvillea flowering crisis

My bougainvillea plant hardly flowers and only at the tips. It has one very long vertically growing stem(if I may call it so). Is this an example of apical dominance. If so how is it to be corrected? ...
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Replanting a Bougainvillea: Need a Plan

So I had a bougainvillea that was over a walkway for decades. I had an HVAC condenser installed next to it and it was fine, then it got used a lot one year and the tree just died. Termites came in and ...
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How to get flowers on my Bougainvillea

After answer provided here: I gave less water and no more fertilizer. I managed to have some flowers, but just on a small part of the plant: I tried ...
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one out of three bougainvillea plant does not grow

I have three bougainvillea plants planted in 40 cm tall pots. With a mixture of universal substrate with hummus (horse, purchased) and some perlite. They are pretty much in the same corner and get ...
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How can I get my bougainvillea leave to flower more?

My bougainvillea is getting quite big, but I don't get a lot of flowers on it. Does that mean it's getting too much water? I try not to water it at all, but maybe it's getting water from the nearby ...
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