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What is the best solution to replace weed membrane dug up by the dog?

We have pieces of slate around the border with plants and trees. The dog has dug down and pulled the matting apart, so we're looking to re do it all. Are there any solutions that might work better ...
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Raised Bed Perennials over concrete (Zone 6a)?

The back of my house is east-facing, and where it meets the yard there is a concrete slab about the width of a sidewalk. (The rest of the yard is grass and beds). To make things even more unsightly, ...
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Pros/Cons of Using Cedar or Pressure-Treated Board as Garden Bed Edging

For a few reasons I don't need to discuss, I am strongly considering using [1/2" to 3/4"] W x 6' H cedar or pressure-treated boards for some garden bed edging. 2"-3" of board will be in/under dirt, ...
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How do I make corner lot more private?

We live on corner lot. Row of deciduous firs were planted too far apart or are at maximum height now leaving street level exposed at side of house and front of house. House faces South. No height ...
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Install roll edging in lawn with variable slopes

I want to put roll edging in my yard to create clean breaks between the grassy areas and the planting beds. My yard does not have a uniform slope however. It has multiple grade breaks in all ...
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Wooden fruit crates as edging for lawn

As you can see, this grave needs some sort of edging to prevent soil from running down. Now i could use bricks for the job but that would take away the raised bed look of the grave that i like. Plus ...
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Borders and weeds

I am planning a border around our fence, which will be approximately 50m by 1m in total. As a test, I made a 2m by 1m test border, and planted malva, anemone, campanula, delphinium, lavender etc. On ...
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Rods (either metal, bendable PVC or..?) options for creating a garden border? USA

I am trying to find some type of sturdy yet bendable tubing in some kind of metal that I can shape into this type of fence in the photos below. I am trying to protect a sidewalk garden in front of our ...
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Entertaining, privacy producing, driveway bed plants

I'm looking for a small tree or shrub recommendation for the bed on the side of my driveway. I live in Providence, RI (zone 6, maybe zone 7 since we're in the middle of the heat island that is our ...
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Can comptonia (sweet fern) be used/maintained as a low hedge?

We're working on a commercial space with low trimmed (2') boxwoods forming borders around 2 small patio areas. They are planted in beds surrounded by concrete, and are definitely not thriving. I ...
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How can I ensure my new garden border doesn't tip out like the current one is?

My front flower-bed is separated from my lawn by a row of edging stones about four inches tall half-buried in the soil. Unfortunately, between being hit by the lawn-mower a few times (oops!), being in ...
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Filling gaps between alliums

At this time of year Thompson Morgan has a sale of 100 alliums for just under £6. I took the offer last year and have ordered 2 packs this year, so I have 200 allium bulbs to plant in the border. The ...
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Can I use weed killer to eliminate grass growing between my bulbs?

In the borders on the front of my house, I have a number of shrubs and bulbs that come up every spring. Every year, once the bulbs have died off, I dig the soil and rid it of the weeds and grass. ...
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Lawn border to stop grass growth

I have a type of crab grass in my yard, I live in a warm climate, Latin American to be exact. It's always been a pain to keep the grass out of the walkways and out of the garden in a neat fashion. ...
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Building a concrete divider for a lawn/garden bed

I have a garden bed in between my fence and my lawn, seperated by a row of two bricks in an "L" arrangement. I'd like to replace the bricks with a concrete divider similar the picture in this post - ...
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Is painting a lawn/garden border a good idea?

My lawn goes up to my garden bed with a concrete border between. I looks something like this. But the plain concrete looks ... bad, just bad. I'm thinking about slapping a coat of paint on it, maybe ...
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Keeping lawn out of garden beds

I have buffalo grass for lawn and garden beds around the house. The grass wants to spread into my garden bed. I have a border of concrete curves that looks like this: But the border is fairly ...
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