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Plant disorder caused by Calcium deficiency.

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Help with Blossom End Rot

Over the past couple weeks I've been trying to mend some BER in my main tomato plants. I've begun a regular watering schedule, with about 2-3 litres every morning. Recently it's been quite hot (28-30C)...
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Blossom end rot contamination [duplicate]

I boiled down tomatoes for sauce and discovered that a couple had blossom end rot inside. I pulled out any black I could find. Is this pot of sauce now inedible?
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Should I trim yellowing leaves/branches on my tomato plant?

Should I trim my determinate heirloom tomato plant of yellowing leaves and branches? I did a lot of research on how to trim, but all I could find was the general advice of “determinate plants don’t ...
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Can blossom end rot appear on side of pepper?

Some of my bell peppers have rotting spots that look like blossom end rot, but in each case, the rotten spot is high on the side of the pepper, nearer the stem than the end. Could this be blossom end ...
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Can I pick healthy unripe green tomatoes from a plant that has blossom end rot?

All my tomato plants have blossom rot. As the fruit begins to ripen, they are rotted at the bottom. Can I pick the healthy green tomatoes and let them ripen without them getting the rotted bottom?
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Are blossom end rot tomatoes edible?

I have a tomato plant that is resulting in blossom end rot tomatoes. Can I cut off the bottom half of the tomato and eat the rest or is this not recommended? I don't know if blossom end rot disease ...
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Why are my green bell peppers turning brown?

For some reason my bell peppers are turning brown before full maturity. How do I avoid this?
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What are these abnormal tomatoes on my tomato plant?

I have a few tomato plants growing in a raised bed. I grew them from seeds. For some reason a few of the tomatoes don't look normal (see pictures). Also the size of the fruit is much smaller than I ...
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When is the critical period for blossom end rot in zucchinis / courgettes?

It's nearing the end of the season for zucchinis for me, and some of my zucchinis are showing signs of blossom end rot. However, other fruit on the same plant are fine. Now BER is said to be caused by ...
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Why aren't my roses and fruit trees blooming as much as they did last year?

I just don't get it - I have a number of roses and it is June in the UK now. Granted, it has not rained much nor been overly sunny but I can't get my head around the fact that hardly anything in my ...
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Should I remove fruits afflicted with blossom end rot?

A few of my peppers are, it seems, suffering blossom end rot - first identified a week or two ago - this is based on the descriptions on the condition elsewhere on the site, but here's a few pics to ...
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How to stop my courgettes (zucchini) rotting?

I've tried growing courgettes (zucchini) for the first time this year and the plants have been delightfully easy to grow. (For reference, I'm in NE England, UK, btw.) However, many of the fruits ...
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What else besides calcium deficiency could be causing tomato blossom end rot?

I've been using "Tomato Maker" (4-2-6) fertilizer, which supposedly has enough calcium to prevent blossom end rot, but I'm still getting blossom end rot on my super marzano tomatoes (no BER problems ...
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