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Common name for genus Musa and their fruit.

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Leaves on banana plants withering away

My banana plant is withering away. Leaves are starting to turn yellow/brown, droop, and in general the plant is deteriorating. The plant is in a pot, inside, and gets a lot of light although not a lot ...
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Banana plant has its youngest leaf dry while other ones seem fine

I have a banana plant for a couple of months already. It has grown a lot during this time so it seems to be a healthy plant but recently the youngest leaf has dried. Here are two pictures of how it ...
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How to encourage banana trees to grow after insulating over winter

I have a few banana trees (How to insulate banana tree during winter) that I insulated with fiberglass over the winter in northern Mississippi. Two have started growing leaves. The others haven’t, but ...
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Banana tree health declining after repotting, yellowing leaves

I recently received a banana tree as a gift and as it is starting to decline I am worried about it. First off, I live in southern Canada (London) so I don't have a tropical climate but its been quite ...
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Is this a Banana leaf plant?

We have a plant that we considered to be birds of paradise for last 4 years. Yesterday in a brief bout of lucidity we realized that it might be Banana leaf plant , since it never gave flowers and is ~...
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