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For questions about cultivating Azaleas, flowering shrubs in the Rhododendron genus.

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Transplanting Azalea Bush Late in Season

I'm going to be moving 30 minutes away soon and there's an azalea bush in my yard that is very important to me. I'd like to transplant it and bring it with me. However, I live on Long Island in NY, so ...
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Azalea dieback issue

I’m living in Melbourne , Australia and have recently noticed over the last month or so a large area of dieback shrivelled brown leaves on a clients Azaleas plants. A pH test has a returned a neutral(...
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Are azalea plants dead when the leaves turn brown?

I just noticed apparently all azalea leaves are brown , it is the second day above freezing in Zone 8 , E TX. No doubt there will be no flowers on azaleas this spring . But what are chances of the ...
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Why are my Azaleas failing?

I bought 5 azaleas from the garden centre about 4 months ago and planted them in my front garden. 3 of them are doing fine (the first two pics show what they are like). But 2 of them are really small ...
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Identify tree with bright magenta flowers and grayish leaves

Blooms around May in the Pacific Northwest.
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Azalea japonica in trouble

What happened to my beautiful Azalea japonica? I bought it in full bloom about two weeks ago (here in Central Europe), repotted it after a few days (which was perhaps a mistake), initially placed it ...
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Is this a rhododendron or an azalea and whats it called?

I have this plant from my mothers garden after she passed, but not sure what it is or called it's either an Azalea or Rhododendron, but not sure which one.
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Are my Azaleas damaged?

These Azaleas I planted last spring look like they were damaged during winter. I was wondering if I should prune the dead looking stems or if I should wait for them to put on leaves.
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Extreme leaf-falling from Azalea

I have an indoor Azalea which was perfectly fine before I went for holiday. I arranged for watering system, but, because of some mechanical problem, the watering was not good. when I came back, my ...
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Is there anything that can turn azalea blooms blue mid-season?

We've used aluminum sulfate to keep azalea blooms blue in the past. This season some new guys apparently missed a fair number of azaleas in a large grouping and we have pink blooms on enough plants to ...
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Treating Azaleas without harming Bees

I'm trying to treat my azaleas for lace bugs without harming my honeybees. I'm especially concerned since it's not just wild bees. I've started a hive. I've been looking into it and my local AG ...
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Pine Bark vs Sphagnum Peat/Sand for Blueberries and Azaleas

I had a quick question, because I'm trying to figure up my mulch and fertilizer needs for this Spring. I had bought my father a couple of blueberry plants, among others, because that's what he wanted ...
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How can I mitigate azalea lacebug infestation without harming bees?

I have several azaleas and some rhododendron that have become infested with lacebug. Some sites say to remove the plant and start over though this seems a bit draconian to me. One suggestion was to ...
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How should I add spent coffee grounds to Azaleas?

My garden has rocks and weed fabric. Must I remove both and add the grounds to the soil or can I just add on them on top of the rocks?
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What are these sphere-like things on my Camellia azalea tree?

There are about 3 of these sphere things on my Camellia azalea tree/shrub. Can anyone tell me what they are? Are they harmful? Also, the leaves are browning at the tips and falling. Is that due to ...
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