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Perennial stem vegetable "Asparagus officinalis" varieties and cultivars, and other Genus "Asparagus" species, varieties, and cultivars.

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Should I cut off the brown/white branches of my asparagus fern?

My fern sits in the office and has many of these light brown or white branches. Should I remove these by cutting them off, and how can I prevent them from happening again? Thanks for the help!
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UK Asparagus Crowns Just Received - is it too late to plant?

I just received a load of Eclipse and Millenium asparagus bare root crowns for my allotment. I'm in the South of England and wondering whether I need to fill up my fridge with the crowns for months or ...
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Asparagus too tall to cover?

First time growing asparagus! Placed 2nd year roots in the ditch with compost mixed in, covered it and watered it twice. The asparagus stalks appeared about 10 days later and were way more than 2 ...
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Can the asparagus fern (Asparagus sprengeri) regrow from the bulbs/root nodes that were underground?

My asparagus fern has died due to lack of water (that is, I forgot about it). When I was eliminating it I found glassy bulbs in the soil: I was wondering if these can be revived if I put them in wet ...
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Why is my asparagus fern growing tall, stiff stems?

I have been growing an asparagus fern for a few months now, and its been doing well enough that I've split it into two pots back in the spring. Recently, one of them, which I've situated in a sunny, ...
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Is it possible to continuously harvest asparagus?

Like this: From what I understand: It's a perennial that emits spears from a central crown - those are what we eat. If we don't eat the spears, they turn into ferns. Those ferns absorb sunshine and ...
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Are there toxic or inedible kinds of asparagus?

I discovered what looks like asparagus growing in my backyard. I had cut these down around 3-4 weeks ago (they were fairly tall "wispy" bushes then, with a lot of small red fruits hanging ...
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How many spears of asparagus do I get the first 2 years?

I have 3 asparagus plants of about 2 years and I'm not getting a whole lots of spears. I don't know why? I only got about 5 spears the whole years.
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Moving asparagus to a pot then back in the ground a few months later

There are three mature asparagus plants in our backyard, which we've been enjoying so far since we moved in a few months ago. Unfortunately, they are located in the exact spot where we'll soon be ...
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How do you save an asparagus bed from comfrey?

I accidentally buried a lot of fresh picked comfrey stems under wood chips when building an asparagus bed. How do I save the asparagus bed from the comfrey?
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Asparagus too big

This is the 3rd year for my asparagus. I am ready to start enjoying it as I was told to not use until now to let the plants establish themselves. Now look the fruit is HUGE. I was hoping for a ...
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Where to break off asparagus, when harvesting?

When harvesting asparagus, I keep hearing that you are supposed to "break it off at ground level" and that it snaps real easily. What precisely does that mean? Usually it snaps a half inch below or ...
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How do I add height to an existing asparagus bed?

A month or two ago I planted (1-year old) asparagus in a 6" high raised bed. Now we want to raise it to 30", or more, (easier for my mum to pick). Would it be a problem? How best to go about it?
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Can I grow asparagus in a small container?

I have read countless times that asparagus cannot be harvested in the first two years. I do not own my property so do not want to invest that time into something I leave behind. Are there any ...
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What are the differences between these three "shapes" of the same variety of asparagus?

I'm working with an inherited garden, and all of us working with the asparagus have been shocked to find how well it grows! One of the things that we've been curious about though, is that there seem ...
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What is the difference between male and female asparagus plants, and is it important for growing?

Yesterday I found a box of two asparagus plants among some bags of bulbs at a local store. I couldn't open it, so I don't know what they look like, but the box was about 6 inches tall and 3 inches ...
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Is asparagus deer resistant?

I love the idea of edible landscapes, and asparagus is a nice early season treat that can wind up looking great in certain areas. BUT I don't want to waste time planting it all over if the deer are ...
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What is this extremely fast growing plant?

I noticed this plant last week. It started off with as a little stub, and grew straight up without branching and then at about 3 feet, created this branched structure. In about 2 weeks time, it grew ...
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What is causing thin asparagus spears?

We have a 6 to 8 year old bed of asparagus last year late & now this year the spears only grow to about 1/8 of a inch thick & kind of stringy. What is causing this?
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Can I turn an existing asparagus bed into raised bed?

My wife and I planted some asparagus last spring in a regular bed next to an outbuilding. We are looking to add another plant right next to the asparagus, which I would like to put into a simple ...
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What to guild with Asparagus

I have been working on applying permacultural techniques of layering in space and time, and most of my gardens work well on this principle but I am having trouble applying it to asparagus. What should ...
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How can I control weeds in asparagus

I planted asparagus this year, and I have used a water permeable weed barrier to control weeds. But this does not seem like a good idea going forward, as I don't want to discourage the spread of the ...
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What is a good companion for asparagus?

I am considering planting about 4 asparagus plants in a 5'x7' patch. The asparagus will take up most of the space in the patch. What companion plants would work well in such a space? Wikipedia ...
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How many spears can I expect from an average asparagus plant ready for harvest?

Pictures of young asparagus plants seem to indicate multiple spears will come from a single plant. But pictures of mature plants are harder to interpret. I want to know so that I can determine how ...
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