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Fruit tree, Prunus armeniaca.

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My Apricots have raised brown bumps on them, any idea what they are?

This Apricot tree is producing fruit which has raised brown bumps on the flesh. Does anyone recognise what these are? The tree is located in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Thank ...
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I have a problem with an apricot tree

I have a young apricot tree that has fruit on it already here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have some nights coming up that temps will be 32°F (or 0°C - frost). Do I need to protect the tree if it ...
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What is my apricot tree problem?

My apricot tree seem to be so weak. And had dead branch ends which I cut off. I have other apricot trees around this tree that drink almost same amount of water and are healthy. But two of my trees ...
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What is the proper way to prune a multi-variety stone fruit tree being trained in fan shape espalier?

I bought a multi variety stone fruit tree (cherry, prune, apricot, peach) and tied each branch/variety onto wires in a fan shape to minimize the tree footprint. But as I read more on espaliered fruit ...
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Should I replace an apricot tree that was mowed down to ground level?

My neighbor accidentally mowed down an apricot tree I had recently purchased from a nursery last year. I didn't dig up the roots and it started sprouting up again. It's still very small but my ...
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Aromatic firewood: What is the fastest growing prunus plant?

Prunus firewood smells nice when burned, and the smoke can be used to flavour food (it adds a cherry-like flavour). I'm curious if it would be feasible to grow prunus plants specifically for using ...
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How to tackle this disease on an apricot tree

We live in Vienna, Austria, very near the Danube river. We planted this apricot tree back in spring of 2015 as a small tree bought from a local nursery. It has been growing very quickly and was ...
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Why is fruit dropping from my apricot tree? [duplicate]

Our apricot tree is about 15 years old. The tree bears flowers and then fruits, but as the time passes all the fruit drops from the tree.
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Why is my apricot seedling turning brown?

My first apricot seedling has leaves, but they are turning somewhat brown. I can't find any information about this, so maybe someone knows? Could it be too humid? It lives in a little plastic ...
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What causes yellow curling leaves and black bark on an apricot tree?

I have an apricot tree. It was neglected a few years, and then in the last few years I've been trying to prune it. It has never given fruit. Now its leaves have turned yellow and curled, and the bark ...
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Should I prune off a branch connected to a large weak crotch on my apricot tree?

I have an apricot tree that is 4 or 5 years old. It is doing well, but one of the main branches has a weak crotch and included bark. My peach tree had the same problem, and got split in a wind storm ...
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What is causing the brown-black spots on my apricots?

I've recently bought a house in the Auvergne region of France (South central) which is about 30 years old and that has the good fortune to have several mature fruit trees in the garden (cherry, apple, ...
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Why are my apricots falling off the tree?

Our apricot tree is about 5 years old. It produced awesome big apricots last year, but this year they are dropping off the tree at the size of a quarter. It looks like the stems that connect the ...
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Protect apricot blossoms from frost [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I protect a peach tree from cold? Popcorn is popping on my apricot tree, but there's supposed to be a frost tomorrow. The trees are marginal for the valley I live in ...
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Is this beetle on my apricot tree a pest?

My apricot tree is infested with black and white beetles on the branches. They are 2-3 cm / 1 inch long. I can't find an identification on the web. There is no visible damage to the tree. Is this ...
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Is this a normal amount of sap from an apricot tree after pruning?

My apricot tree is secreting what seems to me as copious amounts of sap. Is this a normal amount of sap after pruning about a year ago, or is my tree sick?
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