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Questions tagged [annuals]

Plants that complete their life cycle within one year.

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1 answer

What is this annual weed with square stems and purple bracts?

This plant is a low-growing cool season annual. I'm guessing it is in the mint family because of it's square stems, triangular hairy leaves and distinctive odor. The plants are 4-8" tall, and grow ...
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1 answer

Any guesses what these seedlings are, and whether I should remove them?

A few weeks ago, I cleared the (rather mossy) top inch of soil off a plant trough, weeded the trough, and put in a mix of Commercial Multi-purpose Compost and some "compost" made from organic discards ...
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Do spring-flowering bulbs inhibit the growth of other plants?

Last winter I planted a large container with several layers of bulbs (crocus, muscari, narcissi, daffodils, tulips). I wanted to repeat this display next year, and emptying the container to retrieve ...
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What is a desiccant and is it helpful when saving annual Snapdragon seeds for the winter?

I live in Massachusetts and harvested some Snapdragon seeds to save for planting next spring. I've never done this, but have been told to let them dry, seal them in something airtight such as an ...
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