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Ants tending bugs on Almond tree

We are the in south of France .. our almond tree has (large) ants tending groups of small bugs. They are always in clusters, on the underside of main branches. Any ideas of how to eradicate them ...
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Finding the right pollinator for "Ferragnes" almond

I have two "Ferragnes" almonds, but "Ferragnes" is, like most almond cultivars, not self-fertile. It needs another almond cultivar that flowers at approximately same time, and ...
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Almond twin seedling

I accidentally dug out an almond seedling to realize that all the 3 shoots come from the same seed. Is this a common occurrence? What is the branch in the middle with a brownish tip that I broke ...
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How can I know when my almonds are ready to eat?

The tree itself is about 3 years old and this is the first time it's bearing produce. I can see the pods which contain the almonds. Is there any way to tell when they will be ready/fit for ...
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How to properly germinate almond seeds and start growing them?

I've already attempted growing almonds in my usual "just plant and water" way which resulted in a large pot of moldy soil and no almonds after a month, whereas all my previous attempts with ...
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How should I deal with carpenter ant damage on my old almond tree?

I have an almond tree on a house I purchased. The tree looks very old and the large bulk of it didn't have much green - looked very dead. It was growing sideways and near the base of the tree some new ...
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What can I do for my burned almond tree?

My husband and father-in-law planted an almond tree 2 years ago. It is about 9 feet tall and was growing really well and was healthy. Lately it has been covered in beetles and the leaves have been ...
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