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For questions about providing air flow, air circulation to plants, greenhouses, etc. For example as a method to avoid fungus or bacterial infections. Questions could range from what techniques or devices to use, pros and cons, etc. For soil, lawn or compost aeration use the [aeration] tag.

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Does it make a pure utilitarian sense to have indoor plants for dark rooms solely for the purpose of purifying the air?

My goal is not to decorate the interior, but simply to purify the air. I wonder if having plants is the cheapest option to purify the air. My concerns are as follows: My bedroom is rarely lit, and ...
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How much air flow for indoor plants (capsicum chinense)?

My plants sit on south-facing window sill in the gap between the glass and blinds closed (very little air flow). The window is on street level of a fairly busy street so the blinds are closed, and as ...
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What does a plant suffering from a gas leak look like?

What does a plant suffering from a gas leak look like? When I look this up, I often see peace lily's but they perk up within hours after wilting from watering sufficiently. Are there any visible or ...
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How many air holes for 100gal vermicomposter?

I'm fixing to start my vermicomposter. I'm using a damage 100gal Rubbermaid horse water tank. I'd like to know how many and of what sized hole to drill in the side for air. I figured maybe use a .25&...
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Now what is the matter with my rose stems?

So, about 2 or so weeks ago, I decided to put what I read from here to action. I picked up a couple of rose stems(green part of course) and planted them. Just the other day, I notice that some of the ...
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Are glass containers suitable for "air plants"?

I recently received three Tillandsia ionantha plants as a gift. The set came with some teardrop-shaped glass "terraria" in which to display the plants. Each container has a large hole to put the ...
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Is it true that some plants can reduce air pollution? [duplicate]

I'm six weeks pregnant and I live in a 7th floor apartment in Mumbai, India. My apartment complex is on a busy road with 24/7 traffic and traffic jams in the morning and evening. I'm worried about the ...
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How to encourage new raspberry stalks to grow away from the main stalk?

Here's a photo of my Canby raspberry plant. The new stalks are only growing near the original stalk. My Fall Gold raspberry plant is also doing the same thing. Is this caused by my mulching? I would ...
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