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Why is the leaf on my avocado tree drooping? [duplicate]

I have had an indoor avocado tree for a couple of months, but it doesn't look like the pictures on Google. One leaf is almost touching the tree. The new leaves on top are fine but when others appear ...
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Brown leaves on avocado plant [duplicate]

Why are the edges of my avocado plant leaves turning brown? It is kept indoors near a window with indirect light. Should I cut it back to restart new leaves? Could it be root bound?
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My avocado trees are having a really hard time [duplicate]

I am growing 3 avocado trees. They are about 2 years old and they were doing really well, they have spent winters indoors and summer out side. They are currently inside and I will be moving them ...
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How is an Avocado plant started?

I find ourselves buying one or two Avocados twice a week. It's one of these things that I've been wanting to do for a long time: grow an avacado plant. What is the ideal climate or exposure to ...
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What kind of plants will survive the heat from an air conditioner?

I live on the 18th floor of a building in Hong Kong. In summer, all of my neighbors turn on their air conditioners, which generate a huge amount of heat. I have a little balcony like gardening area ...
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My indoor plant has an orange mold-like substance growing on it and has tiny white bugs. How can I remove it?

I have my very first plant in my cube and it seems to be doing just fine. However, there is an orange mold-like substance growing on the top of the soil, and I can see a few tiny white bugs crawling ...
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What is the best type of soil for growing an indoor avocado plant?

Do you know what is the best soil for an avocado plant? Would it vary depending on the breed? What would be a good recipe for this soil (for growing indoors)?
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What is this brown, shell-like thing growing on the stalk of my avocado plant?

Could you please help identifying this brown shell-like thing growing on the stalk of my avocado plant? There are several of these. It looks like a little shell (with the appearance of a woodlouse's ...
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How do I protect the roots and adjust watering levels in a non-draining indoor pot?

The long, winding backstory: We have a rubber tree which has been in the same pot for ages. It has been moved twice, and in our new home we're still trying to find it a spot it likes. Recently, ...
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What is a recipe for a long-lasting, fast draining container soil mix with good aeration?

I'm interested in making my own container soil for some potted citrus and figs as well as something that'll work for other house plants. I've heard of Al's Gritty Mix. Does anyone have a mix that's ...
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What is wrong with my avocado plant?

I have been growing this avocado plant from pip - it is now nearly 4 years old and about 5ft high. I water it regularly but never so it sits in water and prune the ends to stop it growing larger. ...
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